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Well. Now that we have all this leaked alpha information, and the confirmed stuff thanks to WWI, I guess I can’t really ignore it anymore. So. Let’s talk about Wrath of the Itch Kind, shall we?

First off, let’s discuss the Evocation changes.

As it stands now, Evocation is a nice mana restorative ability for the mage. 60% of total mana every 8 minutes isn’t much, but more often than not, it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to lengthy fights.

I, for one, actually like the direction Blizzard is taking with Evocation. Essentially copying Innervate from druids, Evocate will now restore 60% of the mana pool of anyone within the raid, and it no longer has to be channeled by the mage. So natch, mages will be in high demand by healers. Hazzah! I’ve always wanted to be loved by healers, instead of looked at with confusion when I’m fighting the tank for aggro.

The only downside I can see is that mages will never be allowed to use Evocate on themselves. Except maybe Brutallus style fights. (more…)

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Incompetence At Its Best

What am I about to relate to you may cause trauma for those with weaker stomachs, a phobia of people doing creepy things to your food, or pregnant women. Please consult your doctor before consuming internally.

So me and my father went to Dairy Queen (if you don’t know, it’s a large fast food chain, specializing in ice cream products) to get some of those newfangled chocolate covered waffle bowl things.

We placed our order, and as the cashier was ringing it up, dear ol’ dad asked the fateful question: “Are they dipped in chocolate?” and the cashier responed with “Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t actually have any chocolate covered ones, the machine broke”.

Good job, Mr. Minimum Wage. Perhaps you could have told us that before dad was handing you his debit card.

So we went with regular sundaes instead. No sense in paying an extra $2 per… uhm… desert thingy, when they weren’t even going to have chocolate on them.

Then it went downhill. Quickly. Painfully. (more…)

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Dear Female WoW Bloggers

I may say some things I’m going to regret, but since when is that a reason to not say it?

This is an open letter to all the female WoW Bloggers out there:

You have ruined women for me.

This is not a come on, this is not a series of a pick up lines, this is an honest to God complaint.

Every last one of you is clever.

Every single one of you is intelligent.

All of you have serious nerd cred. You theorycraft about mp5. You delve into shot rotations. You are top PvP players, You are the go to person for playing WoW on Linux.

You know who you are. And you should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you’re this nerdy, your supposed to be deformed, and smell like old ham or something.

Instead, you have the gall to be cute. How dare you? I demand you throw yourselves into a grease fire!

I think back to all the hot girls I knew in High School, and invariably they were either total morons, dimwitted airheads, or dense.

My thoughts, such as they are, trapped in the brain of a young lad, used to see an attractive woman and think “Damn, she’s hot” or “Mighty fine rear end she has”.

Now, I think “Ehh, she’s probably a moron”.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

You have successfully forced me to unconsciously set a bar so high, I have lost interest entirely in most women.

In other words, the gals I’m interested in these days are quick witted, clever, capable of chatting at great length about video games, mods, or other such nerdy stuff, and still manage to be, dare I say it, “hot”.

To the boyfriends/husbands of these women: I envy you. And if you ever leave a girl such as this, pray I don’t meet you, because I will end you.

Oh, yes, and one other female related topic. Eat something! I do not want to see your ribcage!

If I can see your bones, my initial reaction is to get you to the hospital as fast as possible. The only reason I should ever see a woman’s bones is if they have suffered some horrible accident, such as being hit by a bus.

Eat a cheeseburger! Put on a few pounds! Skin and bones is unacceptable, I demand flesh!

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Or something like that.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time visiting every single bonfire in the entirety of World of Warcraft for the sake of getting those pretty burning flower things. And gold! Lots and lots of gold!

Every your-faction bonfire you visit (except capitals) gets you nearly 6 gold, every opposite faction bonfire you visit (except capitals) gets you 11 gold 99 silver. In essence, a daily quest’s worth of money, at the cost of traveling there and pushing a button thrice.

So now I’m somewhere like 700 gold richer, I gots me that sexy dancing brazier thing, and some experience in world PvP.

In essence, what I found out was that in general, people are utterly clueless on how to stop people when they want to run away.

my strategy in getting into the capitals was simple: charge in, frozen guns blazing, leaving behind me a trail of rooted/slowed NPC’s, grab the burning fire inferno thingy, then charge right back out again. (more…)

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Agreement Via Silence

Pufftheleaf: hi

Euripedes: SUSPICION!!!

Pufftheleaf: remember me, it’s latha

Euripedes: I do not recall a “latha”, I do, however, recall someone by the name of Shatha.

Pufftheleaf: yeah thats me another of my alts

Pufftheleaf: anywa tho, this going to be my twikn toon, u feel like running me thro rfc to power level?

Euripedes: No, it’s way past my bedtime, and ‘sides, powerleveling via instances doesn’t come into it’s own until your at least to the WC stage; not enough mobs in RFC for good XP/time gains. Better off questing speedily.

Euripedes: And if I recall, Shatha was a main character. She was also capable of spelling correctly.

*A minute pause*

Euripedes: I take it by your silence that you agree with me.

Pufftheleaf: yeah


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Raid Night Vent Comments

Another shared topic brought to you by Blog Azeroth, or more specifically, Jagerbombz over at Hoof n’ Healz.

Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s raid time, bosses are to be dropped/are dropping/dropping your raid, and things get said that cause, at the very least, chuckles. On with the show!

  • *So-and-so has logged in*

So-and-so (sounding rather tired): I thought you guys started at ten?

Raid Leader: We do. It’s eleven thirty.

  • Mage (upon being killed before he can sheep one of the inner island mobs on Lurker, rather faintly): oh sh*t

*Healer 1 has died*

*Healer 2 has died*

*Healer 3 has died*

Raid Leader: Why are healers dying?

*Raid Leader has died*

Raid Leader: Ahh. (more…)

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My mind is a dangerous thing. The left half is regularly drunk, and the right have has a speech impediment. Thus, when they attempt to function correctly, things get lost in translation, and occasionally very strange things spring forth.

Like my sudden craving a couple nights ago for melon and ice cream while running Heroic Shattered Halls.

Or my sudden obsession with collecting all the in-game cheeses.

This newest craze, I fear, will turn into something dreadfully ugly, until I have at least one specimen of every single type of cheese the Azeroth and Outlands has to offer. So I spent about half an hour today, running around, and collected every type of cheese currently available in game.

I am missing two pieces from my collection.

Holiday Cheesewheel, which is only available at Winter’s Veil.

Spiced Onion Cheese, which is only available at Brewfest.

Sadly, I did not have the foresight to see that I would become utterly obsessed in collecting cheese, and so did not purchase these when I had the chance.

I had considered collecting alcoholic beverages instead, but I think that might reduce me to tears, what with all the Beerfest exlcusive drunks… err, drinks.

Ahh, well. Cheer and Beese do kinda sorta well go together, so maybe it bould wehoove me to collect them. That way I can drink cheese and eat beer whenever I like it to feel!

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Uhm… That Arena Post…

Might take a while.

I figured it would take an hour, maybe two, to get it fully written up. Have a bunch of tips and strategies that would be aimed at relatively new arena players, who might not know all the tricks (such as rank 1 polymorph).

As it stands, this post is taking a lot longer than I had originally intended it to. I have over one thousand words on polymorph ALONE.

This is going to be a while.

In other news, I now have all the Arathi Basin marks I need, all the Eye marks I need, and all the Alterac Valley marks I need.

I still need about 40 bajillion Warsong Gulch marks though. Thankfully, it is no longer my least favorite battleground (Eye of the Storm is). I haven’t encountered a pre-made in Warsong in what seems like a year, maybe longer, and that means every fight is an equal contest. (more…)

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Answering E-mail!

Hey there,
First off, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I can’t thank you enough as you’ve improved every facet of my game ten-fold and then some. Recently, I’ve just re-specced to Frost for the first time ever and started PvP. My God, the fun! I was always a Pyromancer raider and rarely PvPed. This just opened up the game for me so it’s like new. Enough rambling, here’s the question.
Does Frost Warding apply to Ice Barrier? I have a good hunch it does, but I figured I’d make sure. I’ve noticed some opportunites in BG’s where a good Improved Blizzard looks like it would work wonders (i.e. Flag Carriers and their escorts). Currently, I have no points in Improved Blizzard and I’m looking for a viable way to rob Peter and pay Paul in the talent calculator.
I’m the typical 17/0/44 Frost spec.
If Frost Warding doesn’t apply to Barrier, then I would immediately remove those points. I rarely use Frost Armor (Molten for me) and Frost Ward only comes out during Mage vs. Mage fights.
Anyway, what do you think?
Thanks for taking the time to read my email and post on your blog. Again, I can’t overstate it enough on how much it has helped me improve my game.
Take care,
P.S. – As I type this email, it dawned on me that I will be getting into Arenas for the very first time as well. I will go back and peruse your site for tips, but in case you haven’t written anything any tips you could pass along would be more then welcome. My friend was an SL/SL warlock, but he got tired of it and respecced to Destruction. We just transferred to a new realm so we don’t know anyone else yet. That being said, we’ll be in a lot of 2v2s. You can check me out on Armory as *&!%##$*&( on the &*!^#%!$#%%%%% realm. Thanks again!

Aww, you make us blush, and frown at your e-mail suspiciously. You’re not just trying to make me vulnerable and then stab my tender heart with the dagger of YOU SUCK?

Ok good. (more…)

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So here’s something. Apparently, warlock and mage armor spells are immune to spell steal, dispel, and so forth, because they are no longer treated as magical effects.

Meaning, of course, that when you cast Molten Armor on yourself, it’ll stay there, permanently, for half an hour.

Grammatically incorrect sentence is grammatically incorrect!

Two big changes here…

First, the inability to steal a warlocks armor spell will be rather annoying. Especially the “warlock” mobs in PvE. Ever spell stolen some of those effects? Ridiculous things like “Increases spell damage by 202… billion”. That will suck.

Oh, hey, and I guess that effects PvP warlocks too, don’t it? Pfeh, you can keep your measly 101 spell damage because… I couldn’t steal it if I wanted to… stupid Detect Invisibility.


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