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Leveling as Retribution, obviously. What else?

Level 20 brings some very important abilities into the arsenal of retribution Paladin. We see Consecration make an appearance, Exorcism rank 1 can be learned, and you can also talent Seal of Command. What does this all equal?

Complete and total WTF PWNAGE of undead, that’s what.

RIght after getting all these abilities, I went to do the “War on Deatholme” quests, which sends you to an area filled with Undead. Targeting my first mob, I got Seal of Command active, hit the undead thing with Exorcism, ran up, Hammer of Justice, Judged SoC…

And the mob was dead.

*scratches head*

What? (more…)


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Alts? I Think Not

It’s something I’ve really begun to notice about myself, and my gaming career, largely brought into sharp clarity by Team Fortress 2.

The thing is… I am decidedly not an altaholic. In fact, I’m quite close to the opposite. I have this little set of classes I will play, and everything else is simply avoided. It’s not you, shadow priest, it’s me! I’m just… not ready for that kind of commitment.

More often than not, it doesn’t make sense.

Take the Pyro class in TF2. It’s a fast, close range fighter, dealing devastating damage at close range. Right next to it, we have the Scout, effectively the same thing. A close range guy, capable of dealing massive damage at close range.

I love playing the Pyro, whereas the Scout is, at best, torture. The Spy is even worse… (more…)

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