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Shoop da Woop Egg Nog

Merry Christmas to all, and so forth.

Seriously, why are you here? It’s Christmas, go spend time with your friends and… yeah, I can’t say that with a straight face either. It’s WoW binging time, and I leveled a warlock from level 1 to 20 in seven hours. Why do I have a warlock? Cause I don’t have one yet. I have everything else, it’s high time I added a warlock to the mix.

Druid? Been there, done that, bored out of my mind.

Death Knight? Tried that, leveled that, twice, even twinked one. I miss 2H frost so much. *sniffle*

Hunter? Everyone has one. I dominated battlegrounds back when Aimed Shot had a cast time, and I manually wove every single Steady Shot. Haven’t really played it since Wrath shipped.

Everyone knows about my mage and paladin.

Priest? Yeah I got one o’ those thingies too. Discipline was rad, lately I’ve given shadow PvP a try. It was actually very strong, the only real issues was an ineffective snare and HUGE, and I do mean HUGE mana problems. This was before 3.3 though, so I have no idea what shadow priest PvP is like now.

I do know that there are a lot more spriests running around, and I suppose they’re a threat or something. I don’t really know, I just buff myself with Mage Armor and laugh at them. (more…)

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I wondered. I really wondered.

The quality of horde in battlegrounds has deteriorated extremely fast. Horde went from utterly destroying alliance, every single damn battleground, to unable to kill Balinda overnight.

I thought maybe it was patch 3.1. Maybe all the good hordies are off raiding Ulduar. After all, Horde did suffer a general dip in PvP competence with all the rerolls thanks to blood elves and death knights.

Especially blood elf death knights. For every decent BEDK (pronounced “bee dick”), there about fifty thousand absolutely horrendous ones. They’ve been stinking up my battlegrounds with their idiotic strategies and general ineptitude, but I put up with it.

You can’t really expect everyone on Horde to act like… well, Horde; not these days.

But still. Even with all the elves, even with all the douche knights, there was still eptitude. (Shut up, eptitude is a word if ineptitude is. Screw you, english.)

There were still warriors who would go out of their way to save a priest. There were still shaman who would drop a Grounding Totem not to save themselves, but the guy next to them.

Sure, there would still be about twenty peeps in AV that would mindlessly zerg, but there were still plenty prescient enough to defend stuff and grab mines, even if all that defense was only to backcap towers and graveyards. (more…)

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Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Some say season’s greetings (whatever the hell that means), some say Happy Hanu… Hanook… it sounds like “Hah! New car!” said with an accent.

But you know what?

‘Round here, it’s Christmas. And I am going to wish you a Merry Christmas. You can take your season’s greeting and shove it.

Give your mom a call (assuming you don’t live at home and she isn’t… well, you know, dead). She’ll cry if she doesn’t hear from you. If you have a webcam, even better! Just make sure you remember to put on pants.

I know, I know, it’s hard to remember. Do it for mom. She’s seen you without pants too many times already.

If you call collect, I know a guy named “Brick” who’s quite skilled with a machete. He needs to have a word with you. (more…)

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You and fifty thousand people just like you on your server are going to be aiming for the Merrymaker achievement.

Just like them, you have to complete the achievement “‘Tis the Season.”

Just like them, this means you need to get your hands on a hat.

But, of course, you’re a mage. That means you wear red. Capisce? Mages don’t wear green. EVER.

So. You need to get the Red Winter Hat, just like everyone else.

However, unlike everyone else, as long as you are level 80, you can go get it by yourself.

As usual, the special winter items only drop from certain humanoid bosses in certain instances. As usual, all the old school bosses no longer drop them to prevent said bosses from being killed solo. As usual, they can be killed solo anyway.

Here, then, is your guide to getting the Red Winter Hat, all by yourself. (more…)

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Ahoy Thar!

It be the 18th of the wily month of September, ‘n’ Talk Like a Pirate Day be jus’ ’round  th’corner. An’ ifn’a ya please, it be a goodly idea to cel’brate this fine holiday. After all, if ya don’ let ‘t’cher inner pirate every now ‘n’ then, yer inner pirate’s gonna end up a pillagin’ yer insides.

And that’s a right shameful ol’ mess.

So get that pillagin’ on the outside, ‘n’ go steal some loot!

To celebrate yer inner pirate, here’s a wee quest o; lists that tells ya some… erm, list o’ quests that pirate… tings… ‘n’ ye can do them ev’ryday! (more…)

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Or something like that.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time visiting every single bonfire in the entirety of World of Warcraft for the sake of getting those pretty burning flower things. And gold! Lots and lots of gold!

Every your-faction bonfire you visit (except capitals) gets you nearly 6 gold, every opposite faction bonfire you visit (except capitals) gets you 11 gold 99 silver. In essence, a daily quest’s worth of money, at the cost of traveling there and pushing a button thrice.

So now I’m somewhere like 700 gold richer, I gots me that sexy dancing brazier thing, and some experience in world PvP.

In essence, what I found out was that in general, people are utterly clueless on how to stop people when they want to run away.

my strategy in getting into the capitals was simple: charge in, frozen guns blazing, leaving behind me a trail of rooted/slowed NPC’s, grab the burning fire inferno thingy, then charge right back out again. (more…)

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