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Feralas: Infuriated Thoughts

Whilst leveling up ye old hunter alt, I’ve taken it upon myself to try out some new zones, ones that were either barely experienced or skipped entirely while leveling past them on dear old mage.

One such place is Feralas, and for three and half levels, it’s been a lovely place.

Then came the Harpy quests. And halfway through them, I got killed.

“What’s the big deal?” you may say, “dying ain’t nothing new”

Well, you see, dying wasn’t the problem.

The ten minute corpse run, once you’ve figured out where you need to go (note: you may come across a ridiculously convenient ramp. Do not trust this ramp. It leads to a sudden drop off to the middle of the ocean), followed by your corpse being completely surrounded by mobs, because you’ve been gone long enough for them to all respawn. Gee. That’s fantastic.

So, no. I am not going to spend another ten minutes running all the way back. Again. Kitty has died twice trying to save my ass, the traps are resisted as a point of tradition at this point, and of course the cooldown on Feign Death doesn’t start until you stop Feigning Death…

And why is the graveyard you spawn at seemingly surrounded by night elves just waiting to shove a pole arm down your throat? That hardly seems fair.

Oh well. To Tanaris!


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