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The idea of leveling is a simple one. You need experience to get to the next level. That’s it.

To that end, the most efficient leveling comes from being able to kill monsters rapidly, with as little “downtime” as possible. Downtime here defined as time forced to spend recuperating mana or some other resource.

For mages, this means that the choice of a leveling spec is basically between deep fire and deep frost. Sadly, anything arcane has to offer from a leveling sense, the other two do better, usually several times over.

With the exception of Arcane Concentration. That talent is awesome, and highly recommended for any leveling build.

Before we get started here, I’d like to point out the following:

Frost has become the best tree for leveling purposes.

I know, I know, and I’m sorry to the advocates of the other trees. But really, did you still think it was a contest? Leveling is all about mana efficiency and killing monsters as fast as possible without getting killed yourself.

So here we have the most mana efficient tree, with the most powerful snares in the game, it’s offensive talents have been conveniently reworked to cost less talent points, it has the most powerful defensive spells, and now it has a stun. There’s really no competition to that. (more…)

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Supposedly, if my notoriously unreliable sources are correct, there was a  Blog Azeroth shared topic about… well, what I just  said. What will YOU be doing come Wrath Day?

First, actually buying the game. That will be important. Unsure if I’m going to go to a midnight thingy or not. Maybe.

Second, installing/patching and so forth… hopefully there won’t be too much of that. I’ve been on the beta for some time now, maybe that counts? My entire UI has been revamped and is fully usable in Wrath, so at least I don’t need to do that.

And then… let the leveling begin. I won’t be moving lightning fast, there’s no “ARGH MUST GET TO 80!!” drive here. I mean, c’mon, I’ve already played a Death Knight to 74 on the beta, I think I can afford to take the time to dick around a bit now. (more…)

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Never Forget

Each grey circle marks the grave of a former zombified player. Looks like the hunter talent “Lock and Load” made it live just in time.

I wish I had a shotgun… at least I have my rocket launcher.

There needs to be more zombie movies with rocket launchers. Or grenades. Or flamethrowers. I mean, a fire mage with engineering and armed with a rocket launcher is fairly close, but I need more, you know?

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Just A Friendly Reminder

Remember, if you are participating in the Scourge invasion world event, remember that these mobs are “Scourge”. Meaning you can equip your Argent Dawn comission and recieve Scourgestones for killing them.

And please. Shadow of Doom responsibly.

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The Race Card

It’s a question that crops up with an obscene level of regularity on the mage forums. Look through the archives, and I can guarantee you there are just as many “what race should my mage be?” threads as there are “warlocks are overpowered” threads.

As a blogger, I have to say that you should go with whatever race suits you the best. Me, personally, I think it’s obvious. Troll mages are the best thing ever conceived in the history of everything, with the possible exception of Christopher Walken.

But if you absolutely must know, read on. (more…)

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R.I.P. Little Guy

For those who haven’t heard the news, Ezra Chatterton died a few days ago.

Poor kid didn’t even get to see this side of 13.


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The Forums Asplode!

Patch 3.0.$ has been out for a week now, let’s take a quick glance at the class forums and see what people are talking about…


MY GOD this class friggin rocks my damn socks. From moonkin to tree form, is there anything this class can’t do?

Can’t chew to the center of a tootsie roll pop in under 3 bites!

I can!

What?! You cheated! No one can get to the center in 3 bites!

You can with Berserk! NOM NOM NOM!


Where’s my cookie? I want a cookie 😦

/em gives disgusting cookie


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