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Thursday Rambling

Bugsack is broken! Well, ok, it still works, except that it slows WoW down to three frames per second. Precisely three. No more, no less.

Went back to AV the other day. Maybe it was the break, but AV is a very different battleground than what it used to be, and nobody has a clue how to play it any more.

Met some fun people, on both sides of the zerg. Met a PvP paladin that was a GOD of not dying no matter what the hell you do. He was humping pillars so hard the poor things were in tears. Improved Concentration Aura running the whole time… counterspell did crap all. Ridiculous amount of stamina, spell haste, and resilience, I swear frostbolt was critting somewhere like 1800 or something. I got… like, one full rank frostbolt. He was cleansing on the precise millisecond when he was hit with any magical effect. Flash of Light was somewhere around 1.1 seconds. Just ridiculous.

I couldn’t kill the guy, I ended up having to out think him. He was guarding west frostwolf tower, you see, and through some snazzy combination of switching between mouse and keyboard turning every second, managed to get him to accidentally fall off the tower.

I IS SO CLEVAR. (more…)

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Ran Out Of Cake

Since the Oliveta post, I have played WoW exactly twice on my hunter alt.

That’s it.


It’s hard to explain what happened, near as I can tell, after getting the roflcopter and the SSO title, my interest in WoW sharply declined. I suddenly lacked all interest in playing around with mages, and the only alt even remotely appealing was the hunter.

Two days later and that was gone too.

The first day was the hardest. Start up the computer, click WoW, got all the way to the character selection screen, then stared at it in confusion. (more…)

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And she is what makes the “We” in my last post. I am not sure how I missed giving her the shout out she deserves. Mayhaps it has to do with writing the blog post at five in the morning.

Still. No excuses.

Blog posts speak louder than words.

No wait. Uhm.

Text… speaks louder than… ahh, bugger it.

For those of you who still remember the history of yours truly, I was in a guild called “Lost Cause” from about late level 40-ish to level cap. This guild was led by “Oliveta“, shammy extraordinaire and one of the coolest people I know.

And hey. She, or her elemental, have tanked bosses all the way from that overweight two headed ogre guy to the end boss of Old Hillsbrad. Seemingly whenever the actual tank (usually a Prot Pally) failed, there was Oli, leaping to the rescue.

I guess it’s kind of a waddle. But a threatening one.

We also shared our very first Tier 5 raiding instance together, and we happily wiped on Hydross for hours! it was so much fun.

On a more specific note, the last blog post came almost entirely from a late night conversation between us.

Hence my chagrin at why a shout out wasn’t included.

Oh, and it gets better.

Oli was also the one who encouraged me to even do up this blog.

Everyone should go over to her site here and demand she update her blog. After all, without Oli’s influence, there wouldn’t even BE a Critical QQ.

/sheepish grin

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I do have one gripe that honestly has nothing to do with the Death Knight class, but rather with other classes relative to the death knight.

Upon release, the Death Knights are going to have their own little quest hub, with their own special little quests and so forth that teach you the class and so on.

Essentially, playing the Death Knight will feel like you’re actually playing a Death Knight, as opposed to the majority of WoW, which plays like player character X killing mob Y for NPC Z.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing the formula, it works, and more often then not, is fun, and Blizzard does an excellent job of making the grind feel very non grind like. Well, I mean relative to something like, say, Half Life 2, it’s filled with grinding, but take something like Hello Kitty Island Adventure… you get what I mean. (more…)

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So some new information about the Death Knight Final Form class has hit the intarwebs. This article here at TenTonHammer is an excellent summary of the newly revealed Death Knight information, and why the tears have begun to flow across the mage boards.

Well, flowing more. Often.

Maybe there’s gnashing of teeth now?

Ok, so the Mage boards haven’t changed at all, but nonetheless, here’s what’s scaring people. (more…)

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Baited Mage Table

Special thanks to Mgblair of Envious, from the Shadowsong server, for this little ditty.

Baited Mage Table.
Costs 860 mana.
Reagent: Warrior Tears.
Creates a mage table that the mage’s enemies can click on. And lo, they consume, only to find filthy maggots within!
Debuff: Causes puking. Unable to react for 5 seconds. Would prefer to die anyway.

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I’m looking at this baby here.

There’s the obvious attractions to it. 37 spell damage? Tasty on so many levels. Well, ok, just one level, but it’s a damn fine level.

What I’m truly concerned with here is the Scryer proc. I could care less about the Aldor one (they’re way too fancy pants for my tastes). Basically what happens is your shiny new necklace will shoot an Arcane Bolt at you’re target, dealing some odd damage. This some odd damage is capable of critical strikes, and can be partially resisted. I have yet to see a full miss, but presumably it will miss, at least, 1% of the time.

So I took it with me to Mount Hyjal, just to see what it does on a raid wide level.

From the first trash pull to Rage Winterchill getting the smackdown, the Pendant procced 13 times, for a total of 5,616 damage, averaging 395 damage per hit. The highest crit I saw was 469 damage, although it displayed only 7% critical strike rate.

Which is easily explained by the fact it only fired 13 times. But still. Seems kinda low. Not like my fireball here, which displayed a 42% crit rate for the night…

The Arcane Bolt never missed (again we only have 13 bolts to go on), but we did see one partial resist.

This Pendant definitely seems worth it. I’m going to pay Dr. Boom a visit sooner or later to get a lot more data on this little Pendant of mine.

And if you happen to have some WWS data of this, I’d definitely like to know how it performs.

Essentially, I’m trying to decide if it would be better to go with the Shattered Sun Pendant, or the Hellfire Encased Pendant off the trash in Mount Hyjal… 51 fire damage is very tasty…

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This has been a very strange week for me.

I dislocated my shoulder (the right one), which is rather odd since a year ago, almost to the day, I dislocated my right elbow. This frightens me on several levels. If this blog is still next April/May, I’m sure I’ll be sitting here chatting about how I dislocated my right knee or ankle or, I dunno, eardrum or something.

So natch, go to the hospital, get some Morphine pumped into me, then pan killer drugs for the rest of the month. So I started out the week in a… mentally altered state. This was Monday, by the way. Or Tuesday. It was near the starting of the week, and it wasn’t Sunday. It was definitely before Wednesday, because I was playing Half Life 2 then. I think. (more…)

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