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Things That Perplex Me

Image senselessly stolen from Ron Reznick, originally photographed in 2002.

Standing guard at Lumber Mill, all by my lonesome, I suddenly get sapped. Well, that isn’t an unusual occurrence, especially amongst little gnome roguelettes. They can’t get enough of me. Trinket on cooldown. Crap. Well, maybe I c- THERE HE IS!

Wait what? 2%?

He stabbed me twice, then fell over dead from the Molten Armor damage.

This perplexes me. Why would a rogue attack me when he had 2% health? What could have possibly be running through his mind? If he wanted to get dead quickly to make a trip to the graveyard, couldn’t he have simply jumped up and down spun in a circle? Maybe /dance?

Come to think of it, I would simply have /danced right back at him… (more…)


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