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… TO ME!!

Its ma Birfday, and I am going to go get drunk. Pleashe eckshkyooj me.

But, no, seriously, I want to get twitter working here, I really do, but it keeps not working. Ever. I’ll try some more later, the site is down right now (?), and we’ll see how it goes. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to work.

Right now I’m essentially copying the badge code from the site straight into a text widget, but then when I update it, half the code simply disappears. I think I might need to be a subscriber to get this to work…

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Enjoy PvP While Leveling

At some point during your WoW career, you might be hanging out on Stormwind or something, just checking the auction house. You might be looking for a couple heavy leather for a new Quiver, or maybe looking for a new sword. And then you notice its Arathi Basin holiday weekend…. and you think… let’s give it a go… We’ve all been there. Even when leveling up an alt, its hard to resist the pull to give PvP a try.

So the question is… how do you, some random dude leveling up, compete with all the twinks that swarm the battlegrounds at the lower levels?

Well, the quick answer is… you don’t. You can’t. You’ll never be “on par” with them. They will have the BEST gear, the BEST enchants, and you won’t.

But you can become competitive with them. It will take some effort, as you will most likely need to swap out some gear sets, maybe even respec. But it can be done. (more…)

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Update on Stuff

Two things.

First, new site seems to be running alright. All major changes done away with, from here on out it will be small technical upgrades here and there.  For example, I still need to get a personalized icon. Banner will go through some changes, feedburner will most likely need some editing, since I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing.

As to the blogroll, I have little pop up descriptions there. Short and sweet. If you dislike yours (or want to be added :)), e-mail/comment, whatever, and I’ll change it.

Second, the guild dropped Fathom Lord Karathress today (yesterday, I guess, since its technically 6AM here).

Thus meaning Morogrim is the only surviving boss in SSC before Anathema can start learning the ridiculous Vashj fight.

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Hey, look at me, I’m on wordpress!

Haha, this is gonna take so much work. Expect a week before we settle down into something halfway normal.

Pardon the ugliness, I might even abandon this effort for the time being… Might end up with my own domain. Not enough freedom with these silly “themes”.

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PvP’ing as a Tank

Arguably the hardest thing to do in WoW, attempting to PvP as a Protection specced character, the classic sword and board style, is an exercise in incredible frustration.
The hugest problems you have is the fact that your damage output is… well, embarrassingly low. You’ll have all these people running around with 200 resilience, and you’ll be like “Why bother? I have, like, 11% crit. I couldn’t critically strike a critter if I tried”

The problem is simple, really. You cannot think to yourself “Ok, how the hell am I going to kill this guy?”.

Ask yourself. Do healers see a hunter running up to them and think, “Holy crap, how am I going to kill this guy?” No, no they don’t. They immediately look around for someone else who CAN kill the hunter, and then help them do it.

Quite bluntly, you cannot think only with yourself. You have to think about how you can interact with those around you to be successful.
Go read this post about tunnel vision. Then come back. Please come back… *sniffle* (more…)

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Patch Notes? /rofl

OMG! The patch notes for 2.4 have been leaked!

Let’s see what kind of idiocy the guy who came up with these thought of… (more…)

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This is… like, the most awesome thing EVAR.

Blog Azeroth!

It’s, like, basically all the big wig bloggers meeting together in this gigantic room open forum thing to chat about WoW.
We can do everything from discuss specific bloggy stuff, like how to do trackbacks on blogger, to what, exactly, is UP with the tooltip for Beastial Wrath?

It’s like an asshat free version of the WoW forums, where everyone there is intelligent, respectful, and for the most part already kinda sorta know each other, or at least know OF each other.
For example, take BigBearButt. He probably hasn’t the foggiest who I am, but I’ve been a reader of his since October. He totally stole my comment from here and used it in the title here. Either that, or we both think about hawt bear on bear action on a regular basis. Which, frankly, scares me.

Anyway… so, yeah. Blog Azeroth is the mostest coolest thing ever, and I already have it hotkeyed into my firefox.

And MOST importantly, I can access it from work, thus allowing me to spam and post there while going through the drudgery of my job. I would love to be able to post on my blog from work, but it hates me there.
I wonder if wordpress will work…

Speaking of wordpress, There is a very distinct possibility I will be making the jump over there shortly.
Gathering up all sorts of information, and then ~BAM~ I’ll be a wordpress blogger.

Might even get my own domain and everything. I have more than enough cash for it.

Anyway, just like last week, my weekend is buggered to hell because of work again. Damn you FCC!
Won’t be able to get a quality post out until Sunday, so expect more rubbish tomorrow.

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Don’t Be Shy!

Drop me a line! Say hi! E-mail me! Send me questions anonymously by postcard!

Any and all comments automatically get sent to my e-mail, so rest assured (or paranoid) that everything you say can and will be read.

You can always e-mail me at:


E-mail me about anything. Questions on Spec? On gear? Instance strategies? Want me to constructively critique you? Your gear? E-mail away!
I can send a confidential reply back, post it up here on the blog if you wish (anonymously if you prefer). I might even extrapolate it into a general post about stuff…. of whatever. Ya know.

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Special Projects

Meet my hunter, Caresse (Named after one of… fuck it, THE most awesome female I know).
That lovely tiger back there is Snuggles.
Only level 36, I think I’m doing quite well.
285 RAP with Hawk up, 173 Agility, 9.46% Crit, and 147 Stamina (just shy of 2k HP).
Shot speed of 1.73, and YES for the love of all that is hunterage I have an up-to-date scope. (+5 damage, best I could find.)
Snuggles has Cobra Reflexes, Claw, all that good stuff. Growl is under manual control.

I also have over 1000 HKs. Oops.

Oh, yeah, and 17 gold.

As alts go, I’m doing great.

And yes, this will always be an alt. To be honest, only reason I’m leveling a hunter is so I can farm stuff for my mage.
Ever tried farming Primal Fires as a fire mage? It ain’t pretty. (more…)

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Smite versus Fireball

I had originally intended this as a reply to Mera’s comment on raiding fire, but as I delved into the matter, I found that I had far too much information to divulge here.
The comment was thus:
“Actually, for base damage per second, smite is the base spell in the game.”

Hmm… quite a claim you’ve made there, Mera.

In my old troll days, I most likely would have replied with “rofl, nub”, but I am a respektible blooger now, and I should craft something intelligent to reply with.

So off I go to investigate this, comparing fireball to smite, to find out which of these spells is… I dunno, better I guess. (more…)

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