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Yes, this series is probably going to continue for some time. I have to talk about every class, and anything else I think of along the way.

So, druids.

I have not played a druid, nor have I played with one extensively in PvP, so my insights are probably going to be significantly less insightly this time around.

First up, moonkins. Poor moonkins.

Moonkins aren’t in a very good place, overall, and haven’t been this entire expansion. Or ever. Moonkins are generally inferior to their other caster brethren, enjoying limited success in the hands of excellent players in a couple comps in 2s and 3s, and like death knights are shunned from 5s. They do quite well for themselves in battlegrounds, largely because the best way to PvP as a moonkin is to shove people off cliffs, ledges and bridges.

The major problem facing moonkins is that they are a caster trapped in the body of a druid. They have snares, they have nuking capacity, they have crowd control, they even have a half decent defensive cooldown, but all of those are inferior to what their caster brethren enjoy. In addition, moonkin do not have access to something all the other casters have: an interrupt.

Mages, warlocks, shadow priests, and so forth all have numerous ways to shut down opposing casters and numerous ways to avoid being shut down by other players. Moonkins have neither. They have no meaningful interrupts and no reliable way to avoid being shut down by enemy players. To put it lightly, a moonkin is a caster with either no caster tools or weak versions of them.

Every arena comp I’ve played, whenever we come across a moonkin, we very rarely don’t hit the moonkin extremely hard right off the bat. The only defensive cooldown they have is Barkskin, which can be easily dispelled and doesn’t even provide a great measure of help anyway. Other than that, their only real major option is to shift and run away, which frankly suits us just fine.

Similar to how an arms warrior in defensive stance with a shield equipped stops being a major threat, so does a moonkin forced into caster form to heal itself or cheetah to try and run away.

Moonkin damage is alright, which is about the only thing they have going for them. Currently, with Starfall and trees popped a moonkin can deal respectable damage, but without that their damage is merely average. A lack of damage is not what is holding moonkin back from being a great PvP spec, a lack of burst damage is not what moonkin are hurting for. (Though a more reliable Eclipse talent would certainly be a big help.)

What the balance tree needs is some proper caster tools. A few defensive abilities, to use against both enemy melee and enemy casters, would go much further in helping moonkins than anything else. Barkskin is simply not enough, not nearly enough. Buffing the damage Starfall deals isn’t going to fix anything.

Hell, even letting barkskin provide 100% dispel protection while it’s active would be a major improvement. Which, apparently, is coming to druids in cataclysm. Little late for any moonkins trying to compete in season 8.

Ferals are in roughly the same boat as moonkins. A melee class without any of the melee tools. Which isn’t entirely true, as any mage can tell you from trying to fight the instant snare breaking polymorph immune bastards.

I can’t say much about ferals, for I don’t particularly know a lot about them. They are few and far between, the only time I can recall even seeing one per battleground was the first few months after Wrath shipped. Since then, I see one maybe every five or six battlegrounds, and even less often in arenas.

Generally though, their population trend is the same as tree druids. Prevalent in 2s, scant in 3s, and seeing one in 5s is cause for laughter and derision.

All I can really say is that feral druids are very tough melee characters. With numerous bear tanking talents at their disposal, they have higher than average armor, health, and critical strike chance reduction. They can shift into bear form for significantly higher survivability any time, they can shift out and heal themselves, and quite excellent mobility. They can stealth, though they lack a way to regain stealth during combat.

Near as I can tell, the lack of an interrupt and the inability to deal damage in a PvP friendly way is what is causing ferals to lag behind.

Ferals, from what I understand, rely on a significant amount of target uptime in order to get their various buffs and debuffs to actually start dealing heavy damage. PvP does not allow for a lot of uptime, any DPS class typically works in small bursts. Three seconds here, four seconds there. Situations where you can sit on a target for ten or so seconds, just hammering damage into them, are extremely rare.

And so, ferals are forced to do as much damage as they can in a few globals. Which is especially poor in their case, relative to other classes like warriors and ret paladins.

In any case, there aren’t a lot of feral druids running around in PvP. Perhaps because they all rerolled resto years ago.

Tree druids, on the other hand, are quite numerous. You can find them everywhere, really. They are in battlegrounds and a dominating force in 2s. Far less common in 3s, and rather rare in 5s.

This, I think, is due to a resto druid not having high throughput or group based defensive cooldowns. Resto druids have abilities and cooldowns that can defend themselves, but they have nothing to bring to the table when someone else starts getting blown up. The total lack of a magic dispel doesn’t help either.

They have numerous powerful HoTs, but HoTs cannot save someone immediately, they save someone eventually. A resto druid simply cannot keep up with the damage output in the 3s and 5s brackets, something shamans, paladins and priests can all do. In these larger brackets, the damage output teams can do is immense. A player can be taken from full health to a dirt nap in a matter of three or four globals. This is damage output druids cannot easily handle.

Druids can pre-HoT, yes, but their mana pool isn’t deep enough to pre-HoT everyone. Swiftmend and Nature’s Swiftness obviously are used plenty, but even that isn’t enough. Druids simply lack the healing throughput, and they don’t have the cooldowns to offset that. This is also why the only successful druid teams in 3s feature at least one partner that can seriously bolster their power. A ret paladin, for instance, has access to powerful team based cooldowns, shields and his own heals and dispels to help the druid.

However, a resto druid does have access to some offensive abilities. They have crowd control.

This makes them perfectly suited toward small scale PvP. This is why they are so strong in 2s. The amount of damage going out in 2s is far less than 3s and 5s, so the resto druid actually can heal effectively. And of course the fewer people there are, the more efficient crowd control becomes. Druids almost seem tailor made for the 2s bracket. Hardly surprising, considering druids have nearly dominated that bracket since season one.

One final note: Cyclone.

In my eyes, Cyclone is a broken ability for one reason and one reason only: it has no counters.

If you are hit with cyclone, your only option is to trinket. There are no other abilities you can use to get out, there are no abilities your teammates can use to free you.

You could say locking down the druid or using LOS to break the cast are counters, but those are also counters to every other kind of CC in the game. Every CC can be countered by locking down the CCer, breaking LOS or staying away from the healer, or removed once a player is CCd by any number of buttons.

Except Cyclone. Nothing counters Cyclone. This is broken.

Cyclone nullifying all incoming damage and healing is fine. I say, increase the duration of Cyclone to ten seconds, like the other forms of casted CC. However, Cyclone becomes a magic debuff, and thus can be dispelled.

What Cyclone does is fine. CC is CC, but most come with other little effects attached to them. Even locking out immunity buttons during Cyclone is ok, though it does make druids better at CCing paladins and mages than they would be against other classes.

The only issue I see is that Cyclone cannot be countered, which to me is extremely broken.

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The start of any expansion is a rough time for PvP. I only have two expansion packs to draw on here, but they both followed the same pattern.

TBC didn’t have any starter PvP gear. Nothing. If you didn’t still have your old Warlord gear from 60, you didn’t have anything. You PvPd with whatever you could glean from quests, heroics and Karazhan, picking up pieces where you could from there. It was possible to find nice pieces here and there, the odd quest reward or instance drop with resilience or a crafted piece of gear like the Unyielding Girdle.

Lich King was similar. Not exactly the same, but similar. Starter PvP gear existed, all easily crafted if you had a lot of gold to spend or a lot of time to farm and were or knew a crafter with the same. Hundreds of gold later you found yourself with a nice set of gear that was vastly inferior to the stuff raiders could get.

The overall trend, then, was that everyone PvPd with whatever they could pick up from heroics and Karazhan Naxxramas. Why spend hours and hours getting a PvP set together when you could just raid (which you were going to do anyway) and use epics 13 item levels higher?

The end result was an arena season that defined everything wrong with burst damage. Nobody was wearing resilience, and if they were it was only in small values, but everyone was wearing top of the line raid gear.

No resilience? Low stamina? Little to no survivability.

Raid gear? Very high DPS stats? Extremely huge burst. (more…)

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I suppose I should start with the obvious: Death Knights.

Death Knights… well, they didn’t actually do so great this expansion. They completely dominated in season 5, due to being broken, and then various fixes and nerfs brought them to being the lowest represented class in every bracket and utterly worthless in two brackets outright.

To make a quick point, there’s a difference between something being broken and something being overpowered. In season 5, DKs were so fantastic because the majority of their damage came from Icy Touch, a ranged instant ability that they can come really close to spamming if they wanted to. Which they did, because it hit really hard.

This, to me, isn’t an example of something that’s overpowered. Overpowered would be a 50% damage reduction Icebound Fortitude every minute. Spamming Icy Touch for massive damage was not overpowered, that was outright broken. It was never meant to work that way, wasn’t designed to work that way, and thus was (eventually, Blizzard was way too slow in nerfing Icy Touch spam) fixed so it didn’t work that way.

To give another example, Bladestorm dealing too much damage would be considered overpowered. However, popping Sweeping Strikes then Bladestorm because it deals more damage to a single target isn’t overpowered, that is broken.

Yes, a class that has broken abilities can definitely be overpowered. A bladestorming warrior using sweeping strikes to beat the stuffing out of a single target is definitely overpowered. But that bladestorming warrior isn’t overpowered because of bladestorm, it is because the interaction between bladestorm and sweeping strikes is broken. A fine distinction to be sure, but it is nevertheless an important distinction.

So, with that out of the way, back to death knights. (more…)

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There’s been a rather interesting issue I’ve had to fight with since… oh, since the Blood Wing went live in ICC.

See, this is what happens. Sometime between 6pm and 8pm, my latency will climb from where it usually sits (anywhere from 110-200ms, thank you ISP upgrades) to anywhere from 700ms to 17000ms. It will come back down to regular levels sometime between 11pm and midnight.

This is somewhat inconvenient, as this just so happens to be during peak times, when BG queues are at their fastest, and also when For Whom happens to raid.

Needless to say it is difficult to raid when you are rocking 5kms on boss fights.

Now, the interesting part comes in the details.

First, it is not simply bad lag. I am also disconnected very frequently in direct proportion to what is going on. Running around leveling a character in, say, the Arathi Highlands, I never get disconnected, whereas Wintergrasp features a disconnect roughly every twenty seconds.

Second, it isn’t my end of things either. I have a huge amount of evidence to support this. (more…)

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Gear Gap Bullshit

Story time. Both from a ret pally perspective and mage perspective.

Mister rogue wearing PvP blues wielding daggers he managed to dredge up from some heroic opens with cheap shot. Being a pally, I just sit there and wait for kidney. Pow, there it is, blow freedom on myself, and now the cooldown blowing competition begins. The rogue has dropped me to 95%.

Mister rogue wearing furious and relentless gear wielding 1800 rating daggers opens with cheap shot. Again, I wait for kidney. Pow, there it is, blow freedom, and the rogue has me at 60%.

The blue wearing rogue in crap gear opens on me with cheap shot. Being a mage, I just sit there and wait for kidney. There it is, I blink, at 90% health, and the rogue tries his damndest, but the poor guy just can’t touch me.

The elite gear wearing rogue opens on me with… not cheap shot, but Garrote. I can’t blink, being silenced, and he uses Eviscerate as a finisher and I’m dead literally 4 seconds after the fight started.

This isn’t QQ, not yet anyway. Rogues tear clothies apart pretty easy, I don’t wear a lot of resilience, arcane shatter mages aren’t very good against melee classes anyways, and it’s my fault I didn’t use a cooldown of some sort to survive the opener.

Point is, the geared-out-the-ass rogue could tear me apart like I was made of tissue. The one who, more than likely, is a fresh 80 could blow every cooldown he has and still not kill me, even if I didn’t use any. (more…)

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Feels Good to Lose

I’ve railed against RNG before, and it remains my hugest complaint about WoW.

RNG is a necessary component of an RPG, or so I’m told by my past self and others. Which I can definitely see, I mean Hot Streak would be less fun it was simply a button you pushed every six seconds, and I think we’ll always fondly remember the T8 machine gun*.

I get all grumpy when RNG crosses the line from fun, mix-it-up mechanic to game breaking, why the bleeding hell did that just happen territory.

Killing Pokemon the Fire Watcher (or whatever his name is), and he drops warlock pants when warlock is the only class not present in the raid is frustrating. Getting feared and watching as the fear path takes you around a pillar then directly into a wall, ending only once you are out of LOS and fifty yards away from your partner is the pinnacle of frustration.

How many people, honestly, really liked random mace stun procs? How many people saw some poor priest get randomly stunned, and exclaimed “OH MAN LOOK AT THAT SKILL!” or “Well played!”

Me, March 23, 2009.

My opinion has not changed. Game breaking RNG is not healthy. A weapon like the ROFLHERALD adds nothing but arbitrary stupid to PvP. (If science can be a verb, then stupid can be a noun.) (more…)

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How I Spent My Evening


That, my friends, is what we call a draw in arenas. 47 minutes of pure fail and AIDS.

Yes, I have an 80 paladin, currently dual-specced PvP holy and a raiding retribution build. Yes, I arena on said paladin, though it’s mostly me and Decessus dorking around and screaming obscenities at each other. Largely because I haven’t PvPd as holy since my very well loved shockadin spec got nerfed into oblivion, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s really exciting really. There are lots of guides on the internet on how to succeed as DK/Pally. Here, I’ll sum them up for you:

  • The DK should remove the G and H keys from his keyboard so that facerolling is less painful.

And that is how you arena. Never mind the fact holy paladins and death knights of any spec haven’t been overpowered in months. (more…)

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Mortal Strike

As I briefly mentioned last post, mages now have access to a miniature mortal strike, via the talent Permafrost, at a 7/13/20% reduction to healing, afflicting all targets suffering from on of your chill effects.

My initial reaction is as follows:


After that… I thought about it, and then said the following:


The first “why” being in legitimate confusion, the second being more of a philosophical conjecture.

The Mortal Strike debuff itself used to be a warrior only thing. Nearly completely by itself, it made Arms the PvP spec of choice. It gave warriors the ability to provide massive pressure against enemy healers, and as a result warriors became very prevalent in PvP.

With only a little bit of exaggeration, every successful 5v5 arena team had a warrior for one reason and one reason only, and that was the godly mortal strike debuff. (more…)

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Ahhh, complaining. A fantastic past time.

I don’t know why people continue to QQ about ret paladins. Maybe it’s because I play a snare-heavy frost mage in PvP (or pally healer when I’m not doing that), but they just don’t strike me as anything fantastic.

Sure, their damage is high, but if you’re getting hit by one, you screwed up somewhere.

For instance, I was guarding BE in Eye, playing Peggle. While it pains me to admit that, Horde had basically won the thing. We had three bases, was in the process of capping the fourth, there was really nothing of importance for me to do.

So this ret paladin comes out of nowhere, I see a whole bunch of numbers show up on my screen, and before I know it I’ve lost half my health pool.

The ret paladin had, so far, only cast judgment and crusader strike. Oof. I blame my criminal neglect of my PvP gear, as I’m sporting a FABULOUS 350 resilience.

Anyway, once I was aware of the fight, the ret paladin was killed without issue. Ice Barrier handily absorbed Divine Storm, HoJ was met with Blink, Blessing of Freedom was spell stolen, and the poor paladin found himself either rooted or stunned for the entirety of the (very brief) fight.

Note to ret paladins: while wearing Ulduar gear into battlegrounds may help your position on the damage meters, it also means I’m going to kill you in three spells. Consider yourself warned. (more…)

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Friday Night Shenanigans!

Normal people do things like go outside and… whatever it is people do outside on Friday’s.

Honestly, I don’t know. Throw paper airplanes around? Poke lumps on the ground with sticks? I haven’t been outside since January, so I really have no idea.

Meanwhile, I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to do stuff in WoW.

Did some more arenas… and it was unsettling.

Yesterday, we basically won every arena match, with one exception (that should have been a win, but apparently Warlocks are more than capable of winning a 2v1 battle.)

Today… we didn’t win at all. Loss after loss after loss after loss. At first it was like “no worries, we’ll do better next match”.

Then it was like “man, how did we lose to dual ret pally?”

And finally, it was all “I wonder how long we can consistently lose…”

So my poor, poor partner is getting tired. It’s really late for him, and he says “Whelp, better luck tomorrow” and I say “No! You are not allowed to log off until we win one!”

This was not out of any sense of being victorious, merely morbid curiosity to see how long we can chain-lose matches. (more…)

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