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My mind is a dangerous thing. The left half is regularly drunk, and the right have has a speech impediment. Thus, when they attempt to function correctly, things get lost in translation, and occasionally very strange things spring forth.

Like my sudden craving a couple nights ago for melon and ice cream while running Heroic Shattered Halls.

Or my sudden obsession with collecting all the in-game cheeses.

This newest craze, I fear, will turn into something dreadfully ugly, until I have at least one specimen of every single type of cheese the Azeroth and Outlands has to offer. So I spent about half an hour today, running around, and collected every type of cheese currently available in game.

I am missing two pieces from my collection.

Holiday Cheesewheel, which is only available at Winter’s Veil.

Spiced Onion Cheese, which is only available at Brewfest.

Sadly, I did not have the foresight to see that I would become utterly obsessed in collecting cheese, and so did not purchase these when I had the chance.

I had considered collecting alcoholic beverages instead, but I think that might reduce me to tears, what with all the Beerfest exlcusive drunks… err, drinks.

Ahh, well. Cheer and Beese do kinda sorta well go together, so maybe it bould wehoove me to collect them. That way I can drink cheese and eat beer whenever I like it to feel!


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