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Speaking Of Starcraft?

Time for some more history of yours truly, as inspired by Pike.

Starcraft was the very first PC game I ever played. Before being introduced to it, I was strictly a console gamer, and a Nintendo one at that. Had me an original NES for a while, borrowed from a friend.

Adventure Island? Loved it. Tiger-Heli? An addict. Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu? Shut it, I thought it was fun. Of course, I was somewhere around six years old, so that really isn’t saying much. Throwing rocks at a basketball was equally enjoyable.

A friend of my father gave me my very first gaming system, a nearly mint condition SuperNES that his own kid wasn’t interested in playing anymore. The only game the thing had was NHL ’96, so maybe the guy just hated hockey? (more…)


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The burger thing was meant to be a quickie post, followed up by the completion of the SSC guide, then the completion to the gearing up for PvP guide.

Dear old Dad needed some help with his blog, but because he wanted to learn to do it himself, he refused to let me do it myself. The following is what he wanted to do:

  • Add a new post, with some pictures
  • Update the information on a page

Yep. That’s it. It took nearly two hours to guide the poor fellow through how to do that. Six minutes tops.

It is now 2am and I am struck with disbelief that it took six minutes to find the “Publish” button.

Someone find me a 30 inch monitor and a laser pointer…

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