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Raid Night Vent Comments

Another shared topic brought to you by Blog Azeroth, or more specifically, Jagerbombz over at Hoof n’ Healz.

Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s raid time, bosses are to be dropped/are dropping/dropping your raid, and things get said that cause, at the very least, chuckles. On with the show!

  • *So-and-so has logged in*

So-and-so (sounding rather tired): I thought you guys started at ten?

Raid Leader: We do. It’s eleven thirty.

  • Mage (upon being killed before he can sheep one of the inner island mobs on Lurker, rather faintly): oh sh*t

*Healer 1 has died*

*Healer 2 has died*

*Healer 3 has died*

Raid Leader: Why are healers dying?

*Raid Leader has died*

Raid Leader: Ahh. (more…)


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