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Want Some Drama? Have Some Drama!

I am currently getting some film together to make some magely type videos, and while waiting for the defrag to finish up it’s delicious work, I decided to mull over Duskwood’s forums. And BEHOLD! Drama!

So it seems that some people were extremely sore about being booted from Anathema, and made some rather hurtful posts about it.

As quoted below: (more…)

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Just not today.

Two quick things to note: I loathe Magister’s Terrace, so much. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be so many pulls in there that are like “Ok, in this next pull, we have EVERY SINGLE CLASS IN THE GAME and they all roll a six sided dice every four seconds, and if they roll a three or a six, will instantly attack the squishiest member of the raid with an ability that does 5 bajillion damage.”

Seriously. Screw you, Glaive Throw, screw you.

Attempted to do some Warsong Gulch. Played about 5 matches before I’d had enough. A pair of night elf druids who obviously had a GM cast “Total invulnerability to absolutely everything” on them went and dominated our puny attempts to defend our flag. Match five saw them joined by a resto shaman… yeah.

In other news I started up a Paladin. Retribution spec, obviously. I cannot resist the Ret…

Level 18, and enjoying it supremely.

It’s also an interesting change of pace to have a sexy bum.

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How To Make Fire Really Overpowered

So I was just doing some goofing off here, and had a cool thought. Rather than trying to balance all the classes, why not make every class ridiculously overpowered? That’ll be fun! So I thought of some really cool talents to add to the fire tree to make a Fire specced mage the most powerful DPS class the World of Warcraft has ever known!

Improved Fireball: Fireball critical strikes increase fire damage dealt to the target until 4 non-periodic sources of fire damage are applied. This effect lasts for 15 seconds.

Soul of Flame: Gives your Fireball critical strikes a 100% chance to reduce the cast time of your next fireball by .5 seconds.

Combustion: When activated, guarantees a critical strike on your next three fire spells.

Inferno: You have a 25% chance to increase your fire spell damage by 105 whenever a critical strike occurs. This effect lasts 8 seconds.

Searing Heat: Your fire spells have a 100% chance to apply the Searing Heat effect. This effect increases the chance that fire spells will critically strike by 2%. Stacks up to 5 times. Effect lasts 20 seconds.

Flamecaller: Your fireball spell has a 10% chance to instantly cast a second fireball. This effect does not cost mana, produce threat, and is incapable of a critical strike.


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Exciting News!

Check me out! Ain’t I sexy!


Shattered Sun title, and the rofflecopter. My life is complete.

I had originally intended this photo to be taken in Blade’s Edge, but then this happened…


Can’t win them all, I guess.

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I fear I may be witnessing the end of a raiding guild.

I joined Anathema last November, I think it was the 2nd of the month. At the time, Anathema had downed Lurker, walked past Hydross a few times, and had flown past Tempest Keep a couple of times.

I never claimed to be a hardcore raider, only making about two raids a week out of four. Sometimes more. Recently, thanks to work and this bullsh!t *DYNAMIC* work scheduling thing called “Coreflex” (read, everyone takes it up the arse), I can barely make it for one raid a week.

Nonetheless, I was there for our first attempts at Hydross. I was there when we decided AoE wasn’t going to work. I was there when it still took us four or five tries to down Lurker. I was there for our first Void Reaver kill. I was there for our earliest wipes on Al’ar. I was there when we decided to take a stab at Leo, and got stabbed back. (more…)

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Your First 40 Talent Points

A not so brief guide on where to put your talent points (suggested by me, anywho) while leveling up your mage for those first 50 levels. By level 50, I just kinda assume you’d have figured out, at least a bit, how the class works, so you should be able to make your own decisions at that point.

Always remember: as a mage, you want to be attacking from range. Don’t be in melee. Thus, talents that let you stay at range longer are a must for leveling up your mage.

You have two routes to choose from while leveling. You can pick fire or you can pick frost.

Fire offers rapid killing, as it will do more damage in less time. However, you will have serious trouble taking down multiple mobs at once. There is very little room for error as a fire mage; if you mess up even once, you are in all probability looking at a corpse run. Pulling five mobs at once will land you in extremely serious trouble.

Frost offers great control over any given encounter. It does less damage than the other two, meaning it will take you longer to kill any given mob, however, you will have no trouble taking down multiple mobs at once. There is a great deal of room for error as a frost mage; if you mess up a couple times, no big deal. Pulling five mobs at once can be done on a regular basis without worry.

Take your pick. Rapid killing with no margin for error, or slower killing with plenty of errors allowed? (more…)

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I Am Canadian! Wait, What?

For those of you unaware, this here troll mage is a Canadian fellow. Born here, raised here, love it here.

Why do I tell you this? Because of this rather trippy thing having to do with the Arena Tournaments that Blizzard is hosting.

Arena Tournament Registration


Canadian residents are not required to pay an Entry Fee in order to enter. Instead, Canadian residents may enter by submitting a 250 word typewritten essay comparing the video gaming culture in Canada to the video gaming culture in the United States on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and mailing their essay to Essay Entry for The North American Blizzard Entertainment Arena Tournament, P.O Box 18979, Irvine, CA 92623. Essay entries must be received no later than March 31, 2008 in order to be eligible. Essay entrants represent and warrant that the essay is their original work and does not infringe the rights of any third party. By entering, essay entrants hereby grant, without further consideration, all right, title and interest in and to their essay to Sponsor.

I know you’re thinking “Wait, what?”

Canadian law is a very bitchy thing to try and work with. Last year, when Blizzard held these official Arena Tournament business, they had to close it to Canadian residents. Essentially, Canadian gaming law prevents any Canadian resident from competing in any gaming event UNLESS said gaming event has intelligent or educational aspects to them. And because it’s educational, they cannot charge for it either.


We Canadians can enter the arena tournament, or could if we mailed off our 250 word introduction paragraph… I mean, essay, to Blizzard a few weeks ago.

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Gearing Up For 70 PvP

A quick reference guide on getting your freshly minted 70 mage geared up and ready to take dirt naps in a competitive environment. So, uhm, this first part is identical to OOM’s post here. Feel free to skip it if you’ve already done that.

Note that you don’t have to consider this guide a step by step process, the way it’s laid out now is simply the fastest way (gear upgrade wise) to go from scrub to not so scrub. (more…)

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WordPress Made A Bingle Bungle

So I just spent the last hour constructing a major post on how to gear out your new 70 mage. Had all these fancy links to the new Evoker’s Silk set, had a big arse discussion comparing various trinkets (including theorycraft!) and a comparison of Dreadweave and Silk honor gear; had a somewhat comprehensive list on beginner type tips and strategies of how to fight other classes…

Essentially a “Welcome to 70! Here’s a guide to get you started in PvP!” post.

Hit “Publish”, and was taken to the login screen. !BAM! Almost a full hour of work completely gone. Just like that. Only the first two sentences had been auto-saved. Apparently I was auto logged off right after that.

Attempts to go back resulted in POSTDATA errors.


I’ll redo the whole thing tomorrow. See you lurkers then.

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After completing the Isle of Quel’Dablah, I ported over to Shattrath, and picked up all the dailies there. I do this every day. It’s so routine now, I could do it while sleeping. It’s only when something very strange happens that I get confused.

In this case, a warlock advertising himself as a healer for any non-instance. Apparently, the guy has just over 2000 healing. Obviously he was kidding right? Good times were had, laughs were laughed, and off he went to go looking for some people to heal.

A couple minutes later in Nagrand, there he is again! This time flapping around the zone looking for something, anything to heal. So I gave him the advice to try and find an instance group. Heroics in particular are always looking for help.

That’s when this happened.

Fear puns!

And it only gets worse…

More fear puns!

Having run out of fear puns, I shift click the guys name to try and come up with something…

Warlock puns!

Whelp. It was going good. Then he stole my pun, and I was stuck. No more puns to be had. We were walking the void of not-funny at this point.

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