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Ultimate Super Burger

There’s this cafe I always stop at when traveling to the west coast, called the “Gold Pan Cafe”.

One of the items on their menu is called the “Ultimate Super Burger”. Not kidding. No really. Ultimate. Super. Burger.

Allow me to describe it for you.

  • Freshly baked (as in that morning) kaiser bun.
  • Two quarter pound patties, each made from top of the line cuts, flavored and cooked to utter perfection. Never overcooked, never undercooked.
  • Both patties are topped with three strips of bacon.
  • Both patties have what I believe to be Monterrey Jack melted onto them. Could be cheddar.
  • They take three eggs, and cook them together into the shape of a patty.
  • Both patties are slapped together, then a mixture of melted cheese and mushrooms is piled over the whole thing. Beef patties, egg patty, bacon and all.
  • Lettuce, tomato, onions, and green onions, all ridiculously fresh. As in, you ordered the burger, then they went outside and picked the tomato that they’d need. That fresh.
  • Condiments are basically mayonnaise and some other things.

Sound good to you?

It did to me.

I ordered two of them and some onion rings on the side.


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