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More Poop

While bored out of my skull at work, desperately attempting to do anything except my job. Piss of, Chicago, my poop is green. I have more important matters to attend to.

So I decided to research the possible causes of my pine green poo. First stop, wikipedia. Type in “Green Poop”, guess what comes up? Tom Green, that’s who.

Ok, moving on from that. I pore through several FDA sites, try to find any information that I can. Y’see, the FDA have these huge databases of the effects that many chemicals have on the digestive system.

So I finally find some information about chemicals known to change the color of one’s feces, and peruse until I find something known to change the color to green. I come across this:

“FDA Blue #5 turns feces green when it reacts with bile in the intestine. This is considered harmless, as there is no documentation of ill effects”

Of course, you can find almost this exact sentence on wikipedia in the human feces article here.

So yeah. Apparently, at some point, I consumerd FDA Blue #5. When and where becomes the true question, so let’s run through what I’ve eaten:

– Raisin Bran, for breakfast, but I’ve eaten it many times before. Can’t be it.

– Most delicious Turkey Sandwich, have had this lots of times, no effect.

– Pizza? I rock band on a regular basis, and we have pizza a lot. Always the same pizza. Never had this effect. Nope.

– Bacon Poutine with maple syrup? No, I have this on a weekly basis, can’t be it. Hrm.

– Employee of the Month party, a rather large amount of cake was consumed. AHA! THERE IT IS! It was the cake all along!

The cake turned my poo green!

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My poop was green.




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It happens to the best of us.

You roll a mage, expect for ZOMG damage, get exactly that, rock face in raids and PvP, then TBC comes out, and none of it seems to count anymore. People invite you to groups, not for mad killing power, but for mad piggy power. People whisper you every day, not to talk to you, but to simply demand baked goods and water. Then they turn around and charge you three hundred gold so you can learn how to summon a bloody cinnamon roll. No thanks, y’all can go burn to death in a German blimp. Then you find yourself out-DPS’d by warlocks you clearly out gear, and wonder why.

So you visit the official wow forums, ask the community what you’re doing wrong, the community politely let’s you know you’re inferior to warlocks in every way, your gear is terrible even by pre-Kara boomkin standards, and that you should have rolled a shadow priest if you wanted to be helpful to a raid. And then the game developers politely tell you that Mage Armor is getting a BRAND NEW UNIQUE ICON! (more…)

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I Complain About My Class

Hi there, welcome back.

I am here today to complain about my class. If you do not want to hear about a bunch of whiny QQ, then please, skip this post. If you are here for constructive and helpful information about the mage class, tune in tomorrow or something. If you are here for the rants, read on.

By now, I’m sure most of you are tired of hearing about mages complain about warlocks. We whine, we bitch, and so on and so on. We do it because we have reason to. There are plenty of reasons for us to be angry at warlocks, and it all boils down to this: Warlocks are better than us. That single sentence, and everything it implies, is what makes mages angry.

Mages have one advantage over Warlocks, and that is our precious Polymorph. At the very least, warlocks cannot match a mages player versus environment crowd control ability.

Without further ado, let’s get to the bitchfest… (more…)

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The Changes So Far

The Public Test Realms have been up for a wee while now, and there are some…. interesting things to note about the mage class.

You can find all the listed changes here.

The changes so far…

  • Arcane Explosion: The damage cap for area of effect damage on this spell has been increased by approximately 50%.

The whole idea of an Area of Effect damage spell is to hurt everything within a certain area. However, the developers have placed a cap on the amount of damage any given spell can do. Arcane Explosion, for example, is supposed to hit all targets within 10 yards for 377 – 407 damage. However, the spell can only deal, in total, ~6730 damage, regardless of the number of enemies present. Consider it like killing budget with only so much damage to go around. The spell will deal damage to all enemies present as equally as possible.

If it’s hitting too many enemies (in other words, would deal more than the damage cap if it did full damage to all of them) the spell will simply deal less damage to every mob present so as to not break the damage cap. Note that if any mob resists the spell, the damage taken by everything else will be increased (the behavior of partial resists is unknown at this time. Most likely functions exactly the same). Critical hits also use up more of the damage budget. (more…)

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I Can Take 27


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Spirit Changes? /sadpanda

“Spirit-Based Mana Regeneration: This system has been adjusted so that as your intellect rises, you will regenerate more mana per point of spirit.”

Well, this isn’t exactly what I expected to see be announced about Spirit this patch. Sweeping changes to spirit? Well… kinda sorta not really.

First off, a quick recap of how spirit works.

Essentially, spirit is out of combat mana/health regeneration, combat here defined rather loosely. More accurately, it is mana/health regeneration that only occurs once you have not completed any action that costs mana in the last 5 seconds. For example, say a Priest uses Flash Heal. They will not regenerate any mana by spirit for 5 seconds. If they cast another heal spell right after that, then another, and another… they get no mana whatsoever. However, if they stop their cast of the spell before it finishes, then the mana was never spent, hence the timer keeps going to active spirit regen. This is what healers call the “5 second rule”, of which you can all go bugger off and read about elsewhere. Try here . I’m sure you can find some excellent info there that makes my eyes bleed. (more…)

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