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I Needed a Break

And that’s all the explanation you’re going to get.


So patch triple three came and went with no posts at all from me, and frankly I don’t have much to say because I haven’t played any WoW since the tuesday it dropped. Am I done with WoW? Unsure, probably not. I’ve taken breaks before, though previously it was because I went on vacation somewhere.

Gaming is an integral part of me, I’ve been gaming since I was but a little bitty human being, starting with the SNES and working my way upwards. I believe I started gaming around… somewhere around age seven, give or take a year, and I haven’t seen the sun since. Nine to twelve hour gaming binges were normal for me by the fourth grade.

Anyway. So WoW. Yes.

I didn’t get to toy around much with patch triple three, but what little I did see left me with a distinct feeling of bitter sweetness. (more…)

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Theme for a Strange World

I would have called this something like “initial patch 3.3 impressions” or something, but then this post would have looked like:



OHMAN THAT INSTANCE what was thaaat holy crap holy crap the lich king MARROWGAR HITSA SOA HARDA amfkmgoagoajk.

So perhaps initial structured discourse would be the best way to describe it.

Off we go!

Patch night is always brutal. So many addons… so broken… there were bloody bits of .lua all over the walls! Poor OhNoesQueues… he shouldn’t have come! We should have known this was going to happen!

(OhNoesQueues is updated and presumably working now, so everyone can take a deep breath and run to the nearest wall and relax.)

Surprisingly, we actually did get to raid tonight, though there was a brief hiccup when myself and the main tank ended up locked behind “a character with that name already exists” when the world server went kaput.

Icecrown Citadel is delightfully difficult. By that I mean, the trash will kick your ass if you don’t pay attention, and the bosses are not one shottable. At least not by us, and it was pretty obvious nobody had really “seen” the fights before. The fights, so far, also do not feel impossible. It just takes a few wipes for everyone to get the hang of things, then down goes the boss.

As an aside, when I say I learn as much as possible about a boss before I actually attempt it, that does not include actually running the content on the PTR. I do not, and have never, run any group content on PTRs, whether it be raids or 5-man instances. I’ll watch videos of other people doing that, read up on the tentative strats people are putting together, but I never actually do the content until it’s live. (more…)

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Amagah! Amagah! Amagah!


Arcane brings the Ferocious Inspiration buff! 3% more damage for you and the entire raid for 10 seconds whenever you crit with any arcane spell! (Effect attached to our current Arcane Empowerment talent.)

A nice buff for arcane, it spreads out yet another raid buff to allow for even more raid flexibility if somehow your raid doesn’t include a BM hunter or ret paladin.

For my 10 man guild, this is nice, as both our hunters go the survival/marksman style route, and our ret paladin is going to be a full time tank from here on out. He hated ret anyways, so this works out well for everyone. I don’t change anything, paladin gets to tank (something he actually likes doing), and me DK friend changes from full time tank to unholy DPS.

You hear that? Yeah, that’s the sound of me destroying the damage meters. It sounds like hunters and rogues crying. (more…)

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Fire PvP

BOOM here comes the BOOM ready or not, haha how you like me now?!

LK has, so far, been the best expansion in history for mages. Multiple specs viable for both PvE and PvP, and patch 3.3 is gifting us with a PvE viable frost spec (or close enough for most people), and a fire tree that’s viable for PvP.

Wait, what? Hell yeah, fire for PvP.

Been paying attention to the PTR notes? No? Forgot? Here’s a ‘fresher:

  • Mana cost of DB and BW slashed, they’re cheap as dirt now.
  • Firestarter, that talent everyone ignores that gives you instant flame strikes when you use DB or BW, now also makes that flamestrike cost no mana.
  • Burning Determination now grants you immunity to the next silence or interrupt effect.

Fire already has other talents which edge it close to being a great PvP spec. Fireblasts that can stun, Living Bomb on unlimited targets, instant pyros whenever you crit twice, blazing speed, a disarm and anti-execute damage reduction.

In case you missed it, the Scorch effect applies all five stacks immediately as of 3.3. No need for the glyph at all. Hurray for raiding fire mages! The glyph is still around of course, providing a 20% boost to scorch damage. Bah, says the raiders, no one will ever take that. (more…)

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Whatever This Patch Is…

It had better be important.

I don’t think I’ve ever been flat out booted from the game and forced to download an emergency patch before. Seems like this must be something hugely important, what with booting me in the middle of a hard-fought WG, costing me the honor and tokens for winning. 20 minutes of hard fighting, wasted. Thank god I have time to do three WGs a night. I don’t know how I’d deal with this if I actually had something like a social life.

The forums say this is just a tools update, for the launcher (which I don’t use, and haven’t for years) or downloader or something.

Why this couldn’t wait literally ten hours for patch night boggles my mind.

Oh well. At least by punting me in the middle of the evening, this gives me time to deal with all the real life stuff like going to the bathroom or making dinner that I already did so I could play WoW all evening. So instead I’m just reading about Bat Boy and how Mel Gibson is to become the next pope. There is literally nothing else constructive left to do except sit here and watch the patch fail to update correctly over and over again.

Or, more accurately,try to start wow.exe, watch it do absolutely nothing whilst it demands access to fully control explorer.exe, and when given permission, instantly crashed explorer.exe.

Whelp, I’ma restart this here computer, and hopefully I don’t have to wait through that 50 minute download again.

See you on the flipside with an exciting story about how I put some guys I used to respect and revere on ignore.

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Don’t Be So Hasty

If I ever remember to log off in my raid gear again, those of you who actively stalk my armory to see what I’m up to (and I know you’re out there!) will note that I have forsaken spellpower gems in favor of haste gems.

Shock! Le gasp! I know, eh? (Canadians do not say “I know right?”)

The reasoning is actually very simple. Fact is, there is no appreciable difference between spellpower gems and haste gems.

Well, there is, slightly. An epic +23 spellpower gem will grant me 29 DPS, whereas an epic +20 haste gem will grant me 28 DPS.

To me, a difference of one DPS is just far too small for me to give a damn, especially considering that stacking haste gems is infinitely more fun. It’s invigorating, it’s exciting. Arcane Blast has a base cast time of 1.9 seconds, and it feels absolutely out of control. In a good way.

Have you ever been on a really fast roller coaster? Think of the surge of adrenaline when you aren’t really doing anything complicated, just roaring along the track as fast as you can go. Unstoppable, relentless speed. I suspect driving a car real fast evokes a similar feeling.

That’s what playing arcane feels like with 700+ haste. I’m shooting for 800+ in my next few upgrades here, but the point is casting spells really fast is just an awesome feeling. (more…)

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An Inconvenient Truth

With the Onyxia patch hitting either this week or next, we stand on the cusp of arcane’s third or fourth facelift. Honestly I’ve stopped counting, poor girl’s had more tweaks and fixes done than a ret paladin.

In case you missed it, the tweaks are as follows:

  • Arcane Blast buff can now stack to 4, increasing mana cost by 175% per application.
  • Missile Barrage now has a 40% chance to proc from Arcane Blast, and causes Arcane Missiles t0 cost no mana.
  • Arcane Blast buff only lasts 6 seconds.

Alright, not that we’re all up to speed here, let’s start talking consequences.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, these changes render arcane dead even with the standard fireball spec. On a patchwerk fight, considering perfect play and BiS gear, arcane is actually 1% ahead.

Realistically speaking, there is no appreciable difference. Fire is better at movement and AoE, arcane has way higher burst potential and can change targets far faster.

In other words, which one you choose to play is the one you want to play.

A bright, fantastic day for mages everywhere! Except frost mages.

In theory, anyway. (more…)

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