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Hilarious Spam

Maybe it’s just me, but ever since that ill-informed Dalaran post, I seem to have attracted a whole new level of spammers.

Rather than massive amounts of links or “clever” things like “Awesome blog! Check this link out!” with a link to an attack site, the spam actually is clever now. Or at least stupidly hilarious.

So, while you’re enjoying your Sunday evening (or Monday working), I hereby present to you some of the awesome spam this blog has attracted. (more…)

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It’s something I’ve observed recently, now that I finally have a fair amount of high(ish) level alts.

The way I play, when on different toons, changes vastly from one character to the next. This isn’t just basic stuff (like not casting fireballs when playing a rogue). it’s a complete and total attitude swap.

Almost like I’m a completely different person. For instance.

On my mage, I can pound out a lot of quests very quickly. For about a week, I was easily getting 50 quests done per day, conducting an efficient slaughter of the mobs in my path

Let’s say there’s this cave where a named mob spawns. There is also about 15 other mobs between the entrance and the named mob. These other mobs don’t offer anything, quest wise. As a mage, I would kill only those mobs that are specifically in my way. Avoid as many of them as possible, end them if they interfere with me. Kill the named mob, leave. (more…)

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Guide to Mage Glyphs


Glyphs are made by strange people who have the Inscription profession. They cannot agree on a name, which makes them hard to refer to. People who do alchemy are called alchemists; people who do inscriptions are called Inscribers, or Inscriptionists, or inkers, scribes or cabbage patch kids, depending upon who you ask.

You can use 3 major glyphs and three minor ones. Minor glyphs are typically pointless and stupid, while major glyphs tend to be really powerful or really stupid.

The glyphs will be ranked in the following categories: Raiding (group PvE), Solo, and PvP. They will also be given a ranking according to the following scale:

  • Must have
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Poor
  • Skip it

Minor glyphs will not be ranked. Due to their nature of being minor glyphs, it’s largely inconsequential if you use them or not.

That said, Glyph of Slow Fall rocks. I highly encourage you to get it. (more…)

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Is it weird for me to listen to myself talk for lengthy periods of time? I mean, I suppose every time somebody talks, they have no choice but to listen to what they say. This is a recording, though. I guess it’s a little strange.

I am the blogger of the week at Twisted Nether! Odd jokes, insults, and awkward pauses abound!

Hopefully there isn’t a lot of odd, heavy breathing this time.

My mic is a little bit crappy. The jack on it is a little… bent. It’s about a 20 degree angle, where it plugs in, so if you hear any weird stuff from my mic… that is why. It’s still superior to the built in mic on this laptop, though. Where’s the built in mic located, on one of the fan blades or something?

Consider this the alt text for the podcast. (more…)

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Leveling Fire

An in-depth guide to leveling as a fire mage. Note that this is not a guide to AoE leveling or AoE builds. This is a standardized build, designed to take single mobs swiftly and safely.

NOTE: For those of you who read the “Leveling Frost” guide, there is a fair amount of repeat information in the first couple sections here.

Baby Mage

As a brand new mage, your only offensive spell is Fireball. Learn to love it now, you’ll be using it for a very, very long time. You don’t have frostbolt, frost nova, or any of the fun tools the deep fire tree offers yet, though hopefully that fireball will be dealing enough damage to cope.

Buff yourself up with Arcane Intellect and Frost Armor, and head off into the big bad world of everything-wants-to-kill-you.

The battle strategy as a fire mage is very simplistic. Cast Fireball at your target. Then, cast Fireball at your target.

That’s it!

See you at 80! (more…)

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Cenarion Pwnd


To be fair, he’s only hostile.

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Naughty Jokes For All!

I found a quest hub in Dragonblight, and was intensely excited to receive quests from somebody named Narf, and happily had my gear repaired by somebody named Troz.

I thought “Here’s hoping for some awesome quests!”, expecting the references to flow fast and furious.

Hilariously enough, the quests that followed were all thinly disguised naughty jokes.

The first quest you get is called “Soft Packaging” which requires you to go hunting birds (called “Dragonbone Condors”) and large, swollen worms.

I think you can see where this is going.

The worms in question are specifically called “Tunnellers”, and they all drop something called Worm Meat.

All of the worms, or “Tunnellers”, spew white stuff from their heads after wiggling around.

As if that isn’t enough, there are a few other quests right here that you can get.

One of them is called “Stiff Negotiation”.

The other is called “Hard To Swallow”.

That last one requires you to throw your explosive charge into the mouth of a worm, in the hopes of getting it into the worms throat.

Also: Rune Cock.


Have fun questing!

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Leveling with Frostfire Bolt

Ding! 75! Congrats, now you get a new main nuke, and unlike Arcane Blast, it doesn’t suck!

So then. What is frostfire?

No, not THAT frostfire!

No, not THAT frostfire!

Frostfire bolt is unique in that it isn’t unique.

Frostfire bolt counts as both a frost spell and a fire spell at the exact same time. This means that any talent that specifies “frost spell” and any talent that specifies “fire spell” effect frostfire, and all at the same time.

For instance, Piercing Ice (increases damage dealt by your frost spells by 6%) and Fire Power (increases damage dealt by your fire spells by 10%) stack when you use frostfire. If you have both of these, that gives frostfire bolt a 16% increase to damage.

This is true for all talents.

“So wait a minute” I can hear you say, “does this mean that if I get Ice Shards (100% boost to bonus crit damage) AND ignite, I can get frostfire to crit for a bajillion?”

Yes! That is exactly it! (more…)

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Rambling Wrath

Time for another edition of “Monday Musings”. Hopefully, by now, most of you have…


It’s Tuesday?

Wednesday in some places? Like where?

Oh. Oh I see.

Welcome to the first edition Mostly Wednesday Reflections. Hopefully, by now, most of you have had the opportunity to play through a fair amount of the new quests, if you didn’t get into the beta.

(Special uber thanks to beta key. You know who you are. I’d offer to bear your children, but I’m afraid I lack the organs.)

Some liked original WoW better than BC, some liked BC better than vanilla WoW, but they all agree that Northrend is awesome. While they may disagree on the differences in raiding, I think pretty much everyone adores the questing in Northrend so far.

And if you thought the stuff in Howling Fjord and the Tundra were awesome… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. (more…)

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In case you missed it, I published a post a few days ago about how to get to Dalaran. The title actually contained those exact words.

In my infinite wisdom, I bet a few mages might find it useful to know where to go for the Dalaran attunement quest. So I tossed it up, on the off chance a few magey readers would find it useful.

Completely neglecting, of course, the other thousands of people googling “how to get to dalaran”.

So I’m sure you can see where this goes. Lemme put it this way.

That silly little post on how to get to Dalaran, which I whipped up in all of ten minutes in the middle of the night, has broken every single record this blog has. That innocuous little post has received more traffic in a single day than this entire blog normally gets in an entire month.

That includes the massive deluge of traffic I got over patch 3.0. (more…)

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