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Dear Mr. Gnomeaggedon, Sir

I’ve had several pleas from the various far flung corners of the internet for help, regarding fire PvP. So without further ado, I will try my best to answer those questions.

First, gearing questions.

  • Ignore haste, crit and spellpower all the way

Haste is the best friend of frost and arcane PvP specs. Not so for fire! As a fire mage, the only spells with a cast time you will ever be casting are Polymorph and Scorch. Literally every other spell you ever use will be instant cast; you simply do not need to use haste for anything.

Instead, gear for crit. Your base PvP set has all crit, aim to get crit on every single piece you use. Buy the crit necklace, the crit cape, the crit rings, and so forth. If you end up with some haste from, say, your raiding weapons, that’s fine, just make sure your actual PvP gear is haste free.

Gem for spellpower and spell penetration. It might be tempting to gem for, say, crit, but don’t give in! Primarily you’ll want to gem Mysterious Dreadstones, and you’ll want to end up with around 120 spell penetration. This should nullify most of the resistances you meet in general PvP. Naturally, once you have enough spell penetration, fill everything else up with raw spellpower. (more…)

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Adapting Specs For Your Needs

A cookie cutter spec is not the end all, be all spec.

A cookie cutter spec is a base line spec that will serve you well in any situation. It is an unmodified car, the basic WoW UI with no addons. It will get the job done.

A cookie cutter spec, however, is not always the best spec.

A raiding fireball mage, for instance, does not take blastwave or dragon’s breath. But… what if that fireball mage raids 10-man and is the only non-healer ranged class in the raid? Suddenly those two talents become extremely good for the Deathbringer Saurfang fight, don’t they?

The cookie-cutter arcane spec, for instance, does not include Slow. But again, consider the Deathbringer example above. What if this mage doesn’t raid, but instead chain runs heroics? Slow is amazingly good in any kiting situation, whether that is due to a fight’s mechanic or tanks incompetence.

Sure, you could use frostbolt instead. You could very easily simply use a spell that takes around a second and a half to cast with a 20% weaker snare. Slow is better, of course, and will make the fight far easier, but it is still possible to be victorious without it. (more…)

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Amagah! Amagah! Amagah!


Arcane brings the Ferocious Inspiration buff! 3% more damage for you and the entire raid for 10 seconds whenever you crit with any arcane spell! (Effect attached to our current Arcane Empowerment talent.)

A nice buff for arcane, it spreads out yet another raid buff to allow for even more raid flexibility if somehow your raid doesn’t include a BM hunter or ret paladin.

For my 10 man guild, this is nice, as both our hunters go the survival/marksman style route, and our ret paladin is going to be a full time tank from here on out. He hated ret anyways, so this works out well for everyone. I don’t change anything, paladin gets to tank (something he actually likes doing), and me DK friend changes from full time tank to unholy DPS.

You hear that? Yeah, that’s the sound of me destroying the damage meters. It sounds like hunters and rogues crying. (more…)

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Fire PvP

BOOM here comes the BOOM ready or not, haha how you like me now?!

LK has, so far, been the best expansion in history for mages. Multiple specs viable for both PvE and PvP, and patch 3.3 is gifting us with a PvE viable frost spec (or close enough for most people), and a fire tree that’s viable for PvP.

Wait, what? Hell yeah, fire for PvP.

Been paying attention to the PTR notes? No? Forgot? Here’s a ‘fresher:

  • Mana cost of DB and BW slashed, they’re cheap as dirt now.
  • Firestarter, that talent everyone ignores that gives you instant flame strikes when you use DB or BW, now also makes that flamestrike cost no mana.
  • Burning Determination now grants you immunity to the next silence or interrupt effect.

Fire already has other talents which edge it close to being a great PvP spec. Fireblasts that can stun, Living Bomb on unlimited targets, instant pyros whenever you crit twice, blazing speed, a disarm and anti-execute damage reduction.

In case you missed it, the Scorch effect applies all five stacks immediately as of 3.3. No need for the glyph at all. Hurray for raiding fire mages! The glyph is still around of course, providing a 20% boost to scorch damage. Bah, says the raiders, no one will ever take that. (more…)

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Arcane Shatter

Going frost for PvP is so Burning Crusade. The new hotness? Arcane, baby!

I prefer arcane over frost for general PvP, largely for the following reasons:

  • Mobility
  • Mobility
  • Did I already say mobility
  • Cause Seriously
  • This spec is MOBILE
  • Also stupidly powerful crits

Specifically, I use a specific kind of arcane spec, known as “arcane shatter”. It’s a kickass spec, full of ass kicking, though it’s honestly a rather cheap spec to use against the undergeared and underskilled. It’s possible to defeat most opponents by using only slow and arcane barrage. That poor ret paladin…

Anyway, the spec itself is rather simple. 51/0/20, picking up all the good stuff arcane power, icy veins, slow, ABarr. It detours from a “normal” arcane PvP spec in that it doesn’t use arcane blast or arcane missiles. The main nuke is, in fact, frostbolt. (more…)

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When the Clouds Appeared

No post yesterday, due to history mid-term today. Apparently, no matter how much you read, how much you cross-correlate to other books, there will always, always be something you missed.

Such a thing as complete knowledge does not exist. Which makes it all the more embarrasing when you spent a day studying something and then it doesn’t even come up on the exam.

This is the best major ever. Screw math, I wanna learn about german economics in the 19th century!

Needless to say, there were a few questions that I just did not know the answer to. You know how sometimes you see a question, but you can make an educated guess or take a stab at it, and usually get close? Yeah. Not even that.

So Rasputin was a famous french romantic painter obsessed with shipwrecks, labour unions are called “le labour unions” in France, and a potato was the cause of the russian revolution in the 19th century.

At least there wasn’t a question on chartism or entarchy. Gaaaah.

Some interesting thoughts sparked by the last post. (more…)

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Dear Ghostcrawler

Dear Ghostcrawler,

Recently you’ve posted a few lengthy responses to the mage class and our concerns. I realize you might never read this little letter on this little blog on this little corner of the not so little internet. But I do have one thing to say to you, and I desperately hope that somebody will get this message to you.

Thank you.

I know you and your cohorts took a huge risk in revealing exactly what your thoughts are for mages and the vision you have for us as a class.

I know there are literally thousands of mages taking what you said, turning it against you, and just generally spewing QQ all over the place. Indeed, I have participated in these crying festivals many times.

But not this time.

What you gave us were answers. Maybe not the real, crunchy numbers many of us hope for and want, but what you gave us is worth far more than any paltry buff to this, that, or the other thing.

You were honest with us as a class. You told us “here is how we see the mage class and what we want to do”.  You told us how you want arcane to work, how you want fire to work, how you want frost to work. Maybe some of us don’t like it. Maybe some of us do. Maybe we like what’s going on with spec A, but not B.

But all of us appreciate the fact that you said it in the first place.

I always hear people like Dr. Phil or that relationship advice expert on the radio talk about “closure”, whether it be related to a parent or some failed romantic relationship.

This is what you have given us, the mage community.

No longer do we have to guess, to wonder, to string ourselves along, not having any idea where we’re going. A disconnect between player and developer, if you will.

You’ve given mages worldwide the ability to say “alright, this is awesome” or “well… it’s been fun” or even “this is some goddamn bullshit”. You’ve given us the freedom to decide, right here and now, whether we share your vision, whether we want to continue down the road you are taking mages.

And for that… for that I say thank you.

We’ll see you at Blizzcon.

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I am, by far, not the first person to come up with this idea.

I could go into a long explanation, but why bother? Y’all aren’t incompetent idiots, and I’m sure by now all of you are familiar with hybrids and their varying sets of gear.

Why are the hybrids the only ones with different tier sets?

For now, let us simply divide the mage class into two groups, the crit specs and the haste specs. The crit specs being fireball and frostfire, the haste specs being arcane and frost, of course.

Bear with me.

Of the crit specs, frostfire is the more extreme of the two, valuing crit significantly higher than haste, where fireball deeply loves it some crit, but likes haste just fine. (more…)

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Ask Jeeves

Not dead yet!

The amount of mail I get is inversely proportional to the amount I post. Lots of posts, very little mail. Few posts, and I get so many e-mails that getting through them all is a half hour ordeal every day. And that’s if I don’t respond to any of them.

It’s actually flattering the number of mages who seek me out and ask for my honest assistance. It’s a big step, exposing yourself to a stranger for criticism.

Well, a virtual self that has no relation to the real you, anyways.

Naturally, the primary question I get asked is “halp my dps is crap!”

I’m noticing that the vast majority of you (you here used to refer to those mages who seek out my infinite wisdom) seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again.

Allow me to try and address those mistakes here and now, in an effort to help your fellow mages from repeating these same errors. (more…)

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(Holy crap, a post two days in a row? BELIEVE IT!)

Q: Where do mages fit in the current scope of things, and where do you see them from this point going forward?

A: Mages are the iconic caster class, squishy as hell, standing at range and chucking things at their enemies. We see them basically staying exactly the same with no major changes whatsoever. Mages are awesome, and we’re going to keep it that way.

Q: What is it that makes them unique when compared to other classes?

A: More than any other class, mages focus on a single spell to the exclusion of all others. This means mages are the only class that can effectively raid by pressing a single button. Kinda like how Warlocks worked in BC, except without all that pesky “sacrifice the Succubus” stuff.

Community Team: A lot of initial questions and concerns we received from mages around the world were concerning itemization. (more…)

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