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Cooking and Grinds

The one part of this silly Pilgrim holiday I am participating in is the whole cooking thing. It was easy as pumpkin pie to level my paladin’s cooking skill from 1-350 or so with nearly no effort. I say “nearly” because damn it, travelling is difficult when you can’t port wherever the crap you want.

I’ll probably end up grabbing the ranks on several other characters, too, but maybe not. Euripedes can already make basically any buff food he or any other alt would need at end game, so I really don’t need another cook.

But still… easy as pie leveling for a profession that otherwise is just a stupid ass grind.

There are multiple kinds of grinds, but they can be generalized into “bad grinds” and “good grinds”. What category any specific grind falls into depends on your personal opinion.

Grinding dailies is dull, grinding the AH even worse, but grinding honour isn’t a grind at all for me. Rather, continuously running BGs is a hobby of mine that I dearly love. (more…)

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Leveling frost is what most mages do. Some still level fire, preferring superior damage output to the control frost offers.

Does anyone level arcane?

I’ve scoffed at the arcane tree as a viable leveling spec for a long, long time. Mostly because it was extremely bad.

But there’s a couple new talents and synergies kicking around that could very well make arcane a perfectly reasonable leveling tree.

Torment the Weak, for instance, can give arcane access to very powerful nukes early on, and later Arcane Barrage, Slow and a 2 minute Evocate result in excellent efficiency and very powerful kiting power.

Anyone out there leveling/leveled arcane? Share your thoughts, I want to know.

Here are my ideas:

Arcane seems to me like it would need to rely very heavily on frostbolt for quite a few levels. Torment the Weak is extremely powerful, providing a huge damage boost as long as the target is snared or slowed. (more…)

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The Lesser Classes?

RAF runs out in a few weeks, so I thought I’d share some of my learnings on the other classes.

I hate warriors. Seriously hate. I don’t know what any of you warriors out there see in this class. It’s like throwing tic tacs at a piece of cardboard. It’s amusing for a little while, but once you’ve run out of “[Name here] SMASH!” jokes (and tic tacs), there’s just nothing left there.

I firmly believe that anyone who enjoys playing a warrior has been shot in the head with a nailgun. Either that or had their cerebellum surgically removed at puberty.

Rogues are AWESOME. Except that I absolutely despise playing one in a group. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T STEALTH PAST HERE?! DAMNIT, LEARN TO PLAY, NOOB! I’d be more than happy if I never, ever encountered another player when I’m roguering it up. Except to kill them.

Stunlocking is fun. 🙂 (more…)

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Leveling Fire

An in-depth guide to leveling as a fire mage. Note that this is not a guide to AoE leveling or AoE builds. This is a standardized build, designed to take single mobs swiftly and safely.

NOTE: For those of you who read the “Leveling Frost” guide, there is a fair amount of repeat information in the first couple sections here.

Baby Mage

As a brand new mage, your only offensive spell is Fireball. Learn to love it now, you’ll be using it for a very, very long time. You don’t have frostbolt, frost nova, or any of the fun tools the deep fire tree offers yet, though hopefully that fireball will be dealing enough damage to cope.

Buff yourself up with Arcane Intellect and Frost Armor, and head off into the big bad world of everything-wants-to-kill-you.

The battle strategy as a fire mage is very simplistic. Cast Fireball at your target. Then, cast Fireball at your target.

That’s it!

See you at 80! (more…)

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Leveling with Frostfire Bolt

Ding! 75! Congrats, now you get a new main nuke, and unlike Arcane Blast, it doesn’t suck!

So then. What is frostfire?

No, not THAT frostfire!

No, not THAT frostfire!

Frostfire bolt is unique in that it isn’t unique.

Frostfire bolt counts as both a frost spell and a fire spell at the exact same time. This means that any talent that specifies “frost spell” and any talent that specifies “fire spell” effect frostfire, and all at the same time.

For instance, Piercing Ice (increases damage dealt by your frost spells by 6%) and Fire Power (increases damage dealt by your fire spells by 10%) stack when you use frostfire. If you have both of these, that gives frostfire bolt a 16% increase to damage.

This is true for all talents.

“So wait a minute” I can hear you say, “does this mean that if I get Ice Shards (100% boost to bonus crit damage) AND ignite, I can get frostfire to crit for a bajillion?”

Yes! That is exactly it! (more…)

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Leveling Frost

An in-depth guide to the nuances of leveling up as a frost mage. Note that this is NOT an AoE build. This is a standardized leveling build, designed to take down monsters swiftly and safely.

If you wish see how Frost AoE can provide excellent, leveling, might I highly recommend this guide over at “Frost is the New Black”?babymage

Baby Mage

As a brand new mage, your offensive spell options are limited to Fireball. This will be your only method of attack until level 4, when you get frostbolt. You don’t even get Frost Nova until level 10, so try not to do anything stupid (yet).

Anyways, level 1. Buff yourself with Arcane Intellect and Frost Armor, and head out into the big brave world filled with murlocs and trolls.

Your battle strategy is very simple, at first. Stand 35 yards away, and cast Fireball. Three fireballs should be roughly enough to kill or almost kill your target. If it’s not dead, typically for these first few levels you can simply use your pitiful auto-attack to finish them off in a hit or two. (more…)

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The idea of leveling is a simple one. You need experience to get to the next level. That’s it.

To that end, the most efficient leveling comes from being able to kill monsters rapidly, with as little “downtime” as possible. Downtime here defined as time forced to spend recuperating mana or some other resource.

For mages, this means that the choice of a leveling spec is basically between deep fire and deep frost. Sadly, anything arcane has to offer from a leveling sense, the other two do better, usually several times over.

With the exception of Arcane Concentration. That talent is awesome, and highly recommended for any leveling build.

Before we get started here, I’d like to point out the following:

Frost has become the best tree for leveling purposes.

I know, I know, and I’m sorry to the advocates of the other trees. But really, did you still think it was a contest? Leveling is all about mana efficiency and killing monsters as fast as possible without getting killed yourself.

So here we have the most mana efficient tree, with the most powerful snares in the game, it’s offensive talents have been conveniently reworked to cost less talent points, it has the most powerful defensive spells, and now it has a stun. There’s really no competition to that. (more…)

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Your First 40 Talent Points

A not so brief guide on where to put your talent points (suggested by me, anywho) while leveling up your mage for those first 50 levels. By level 50, I just kinda assume you’d have figured out, at least a bit, how the class works, so you should be able to make your own decisions at that point.

Always remember: as a mage, you want to be attacking from range. Don’t be in melee. Thus, talents that let you stay at range longer are a must for leveling up your mage.

You have two routes to choose from while leveling. You can pick fire or you can pick frost.

Fire offers rapid killing, as it will do more damage in less time. However, you will have serious trouble taking down multiple mobs at once. There is very little room for error as a fire mage; if you mess up even once, you are in all probability looking at a corpse run. Pulling five mobs at once will land you in extremely serious trouble.

Frost offers great control over any given encounter. It does less damage than the other two, meaning it will take you longer to kill any given mob, however, you will have no trouble taking down multiple mobs at once. There is a great deal of room for error as a frost mage; if you mess up a couple times, no big deal. Pulling five mobs at once can be done on a regular basis without worry.

Take your pick. Rapid killing with no margin for error, or slower killing with plenty of errors allowed? (more…)

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Enjoy PvP While Leveling

At some point during your WoW career, you might be hanging out on Stormwind or something, just checking the auction house. You might be looking for a couple heavy leather for a new Quiver, or maybe looking for a new sword. And then you notice its Arathi Basin holiday weekend…. and you think… let’s give it a go… We’ve all been there. Even when leveling up an alt, its hard to resist the pull to give PvP a try.

So the question is… how do you, some random dude leveling up, compete with all the twinks that swarm the battlegrounds at the lower levels?

Well, the quick answer is… you don’t. You can’t. You’ll never be “on par” with them. They will have the BEST gear, the BEST enchants, and you won’t.

But you can become competitive with them. It will take some effort, as you will most likely need to swap out some gear sets, maybe even respec. But it can be done. (more…)

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