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M&M; Us Versus Them, Hunter Edition

Ahh, hunters. Terror of the battlegrounds, it’s impossible to count the number of mages that have been torn to pieces by hunters over the years. Ranged physical damage, a pet, a mana drain; a class practically begging to go head to head with a caster.


— The vast majority of arena hunters are specced Marksman. It has superior burst to the other two builds, two specialty shots that are invaluable in PvP (Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot) as well as much improved Stings.

— Left alone, hunters can deal terrifying damage, very quickly, to a cloth wearing class.

— They are much more vulnerable to close in fighting than other ranged classes. A hunter cannot use his strongest ranged attacks in melee range.

— Very susceptible to pillars, more so than any other class.

— Relatively shallow mana pools.

— Freezing Trap, the hunter’s lengthy CC ability, is one of the worst in the game for PvP.

— Pets are relatively easy to kill.

— Viper Sting is a deadly mana drain ability, especially since most Hunters are specced to improve it. (more…)

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