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Why Mages Be The Best Lovers

In response to Matticus, I weigh anchor on this issue of class based love. How can I not? There ain’t no class nowhere that matches the sheer lovin’ prowess of a mage.

Flexible Partnerships

Mages can commit to one lover, or two, or three, or a dozen, if need be. Snuggle up against yer femme mage, an’ suggest ye bring in somebody else… mebbe a shammy (totems), an’ she’ll be up fer it. Mages be just as strong wit AoE as they be wit one target.

Bigger and Better CoC

Mages be the only class in the game what can improve their CoC. A 45% improvement, ta be exact. Ladies and wenchies, trust me on this ‘un… there ain’t nothin’ that can match a fully specced CoC.

Magic Hands

Say what ye like about wiggly hand motions, we mages know how to use we hands. Whether ye wan’ it ta be hot, or cold, or jus’ damn fine, we got ya covered. Wanna bring a block of ice inta th’bedroom? We got it. Wanna have us focus our magics into the best damn massage ya ever had? We got it. Wanna experience the “breath” of a dragon itself, without all the pointy? We damn well got it.

If’n it pleases ye, a mage can even go Slow… (more…)

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