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Hulk Factor

I’m not talking mad, or frustrated, I’m talking right FURIOUS, spittle flying from my lips as angered jibberish and blasphemy pours from my face. I’m talking rage hot enough to boil lobsters from yards away.

This is… Hulk Factor.

People who go to various WoW forums and post crap like “ONLY 60 DAYS TO WAR”

Ok. We get it already. Warhammer is an MMO. And it’s coming out. And it’s going to be good. Y’all said the exact same thing about Hellgate London. It sucked. You said the same thing about Tabula Rasa. It sucked. You said the same thing about Age of Conan. It sucked.

You said the same thing about LOTR Online and… it didn’t suck. Not really. It was WoW for the serious crowd.

I personally didn’t like it; it felt exactly like WoW but devoid of robot chickens and rocket launchers. That, and the UI was stifling at best.

So I can concede that yea, it’s entirely possible Warhammer will be an awesome game. But will it be better than WoW? Not a chance in hell. Sure, if you like it more, go for it.

Just stop coming to our forums and beating on a game we all know and love (except for you, apparently), and try to promote a game you haven’t played. You look like an idiot.

Hulk Factor: *grumble* morons… (more…)

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