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Ignite: the New Blink!

Ignite shares a very unfortunate property with blink: it doesn’t work properly, and, in fact, never has.

“Whats wrong with Blink?” you ask? I take it, then, you’ve never tried using blink while standing on very odd terrain? Things like doodads, ramps, and slight breezes tend to mess with blink something fierce. It was even the source of a hysterical complaint from a hunter claiming that blink needs to actually move the mage forwards 20 yards, as a mage blinking backwards cost him a duel.


So ignite then, has also been broken from day 1, and has never been fixed.


Before we go any further, allow me to explain that the issue is not with either of these in themselves, but rather the constraints the game places on them. Blink, as a spell, is fine, but the terrain blink is trying to use is not. Hence, when trying to calculate really complicated pieces of terrain (uh oh, there’s a blade of grass ahead!) it does wonky things, such as nothing.

Ignite? I’ll get to that. (more…)

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