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M&M; Us Versus Them, Druid Edition

Ahh, druids. Instant cast heals and near immunity to every form of control a mage provides. What’s not to love?


  • — Typically specced either deep restoration, or a balance/restoration hybrid. Most druids also place 11 points into the feral true for Bear Counterspell.
  • — Invented the dreaded “pillar hump”.
  • — Able to shape shift out of any crowd control a mage has. Roots, slows, polymorph…
  • — Most heals are instant cast, i.e. Lifebloom, and thus cannot be counterspelled.
  • — Immune to polymorph while shape shifted.
  • — Nature’s Swiftness (3 minute cooldown) = Presence of Mind for druids. Usually used for an instant Healing Touch.
  • — Cyclone, a powerful crowd control ability that renders the target immune to everything, including heals (any over time abilities continue to count down, but without effect). Cyclone cannot be dispelled or removed by anything except a PvP trinket. Not even Ice Block works.
  • — Seemingly have extremely deep mana pools. Impossible to run completely OOM, even worse for dreamstate druids. (more…)
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