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Hi there, my name is Euripedes, and today I will be showing you how to be a successful troll on the mage forums. Without further adieu, let’s get started!

Be 70

Contrary to popular belief, you actually do need to post on a level 70 character to be a successful troll. While many feel that one should post on an alt, say, a level 2 Warlock named “Skillcoil”, this is actually counterproductive.

As a troll, you want people to listen to you, and then argue with you. If the little avatar to the left of your post is anything besides a level 70, you will be completely ignored on principal.

By posting on a level 70, you guarantee that other forum goers will read what you say.

If, for instance, you post a guide to mage forum trolling on an alt, you will be ignored, and recieve responses such as “Post on your main”.

But, if you post a guide to mage forum trolling on an actual level 70 mage, you open up a whole new field of responses: ascii art of Ollie, QFT’s, stupid arguments, and even other people on their alts trolling you! (more…)

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