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Paranoid? Who Says I’m Paranoid?

I know I am. And generally always have been. Often cripplingly so.


I never use Internet Explorer, for anything. Firefox all the way.

I use the Noscript addon, and very, very few scripts are allowed. Not even sitemeter.com is allowed. And the ones I do allow are usually set with a temporary allowance.

I use not one, but two key scramblers. One for general purpose typing (yes, what you’re reading right now went through a key scrambler), and the other for passwords (including in-game passwords).

I use the full privoxy/foxyproxy package for every single site I visit, in addition to always running TOR.

All of my passwords are complicated, but easily so. I don’t use thos massive 24-character shenanigans, my passwords are in the 8-10 digit area. Toughish to crack, but still easy enough to remember. Something like:


And yes, that is a genuine password I used for my WoW account. (more…)

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