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Input Wanted!

Need some input from my loyal readers.

With Rash of the Itch King looming, the whole purpose to doing posts about current level PvP has largely become moot. Anything I write will become largely invalidated in a few months, thus largely defeating the purpose of writing a guide for it.

And even then, with all the talents and so forth being released early, a hefty chunk of said guides would need to be completely rewritten based on the new talents.

I mean, when I talk about druids, for example, I say that the only viable control you have over them is Counterspell. Any slows or snares (or polymorph) are largely useless.

However, Deep Freeze is perfectly viable against druids, and adds a whole new dimension to fighting that class.

It just seems largely pointless to waste my time, and y’alls time, by writing mass guides and strategies to stuff that will be rendered obsolete in a matter of weeks.

So I pose the question to you.

Is there a point?

Also related to this. A while back there was an idea for “Where the WoW is Euripedes?” involving me dancing on various corpses in various places in the world.

Again related to the release of LK, should I hold off on filming to get in Northrend locations as well, or film the locations that are currently available, and merely add in the Northrend content when it’s there?

It’d be neat if I could just decide these things and that’s that, but this blog is almost as much about you guys as it is about me.


I still reserve the right to suddenly start blogging about science fiction movies.

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