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5:05 AM – Leveling on hunter alt. Receive whisper from a shaman wondering if I would like to do SH. SH here is assumed to mean Sethekk Halls. Party is shaman, rogue, warrior, warlock, and now me, on a hunter

5:07 – Receive summons from the Circle of Unimportance. Shaman says “ok I’ll heal we have no healers we should die” Feeling of doom settles in. Shaman is enhancement spec.

5:09 – Zone in. Do first pull. Alarm expressed that the tank is nicknamed “Dur”.

5:10 – Second pull complete. No need yet for traps, the rogue wants to Sap.

5:11 – Shaman says “need mana, anyone have water?” Urge to swap to mage successfully resisted. Shaman hearths to buy water. I am #1 on DPS and damage chart.

5:12 – Dur says “sorry guys need to pick up miis at train. will take ten minutes, sorry” Confusion. Who is miis? What is train? Why does he mention this 2 minutes into the instance?

5:13 – Exit instance. Rogue and shaman duel each other. Rogue wins.

5:17 – Shaman and I duel. I win. Twice.

5:22 – Shaman says “let me duel just pet”. Duel commences. Send pet in, shaman rushes me and beats me down. Then cheers when he wins. Good job, Mr. “Just pet” shaman.

5:24 – Shaman legitimately duels the kitty alone. Kitty loses, shaman at 50% health. Shaman runs at me, hits Earth shock. Freezing Trap down. Aimed Shot + Arcane Shot, defeated shammy.

5:28 – Just me versus shaman. No kitty. I win.

5:32 – Warrior tank “Dur” is now offline. This may be the shortest “Live!” blog post ever.

5:34 – Shaman is now spamming party¬† chat with ascii art that creates the phrase “L F” and then a crude picture of a tank.

5:36 – Shaman and rogue duel. It is here I finally noticed the rogue doesn’t do something I thought all rogues do – press the space bar. Haven’t seen a single hop.

5:38 – Rogue and warlock have gone to do the Torgos quest. Shaman is running around in circles. Pressing the space bar.

5:41 – I hear the whispers of insanity. Party chat is full of dead baby jokes. The warlock pastes in a baby lasagna recipe. Ahh, the whispers are just part of the ambiance in here. Really creepy sound files. Thanks blizz, these ghost noises go great with my dead baby lasagna.

5:43 – The warlocks Voidwalker is named Kraphog. HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

5:45 – [SERVER] Shutdown in 15:00


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