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So the power went out Tuesday night. KABLOOEY and right in the middle of playing Dragon Age, too. But who will save Ferelden naow?!??!/1

There was a pretty huge snowstorm here on Tuesday. The wt, clumpy kind of snow, the kind perfectly suited to making snowmen and utterly destroying power lines.

It is now friday, and the repair dudes are estimating it will take another ten days or so before they get power restored. I mean, holy shit, ten days? I mean I knew living a couple minutes drive out of the city had its risks, but… damn, ten days?

Anyway, I’m shacked up with a friend now. Believe it or not I actually do have a couple of those. And I have internet access again! Woo! This is perhaps the most important thing, though I still lack a proper desktop. I’ve been forced to abandon it for now. Sadness!

So lets see if I can summarize a week’s worth of stuff into a single post.


The hunter focus mechanic has me worried. I have an 80 hunter at which I am reasonably competent, and am extremely fond of marksman. I’ve found BM extremely boring since the death of steady shot weaving, and Survival is quite possibly the worst play style I have ever tried. (more…)

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