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I am getting your e-mails. I receive lots of them, read them, then sigh in deep regret because I can’t just dash of a quick couple sentences to them. Nearly every e-mail I receive would require time, effort and a lengthy response to adequately respond to. Yes, I could reply to a question about frost mages in arena with a quick bulleted list, but that doesn’t really answer the question, just addresses it.

I’m sure you see the difference.

I may only be in first year University, but I am taking second year level history courses. I went into the IB (International Baccalaureate) program in high school, which can be best labeled as the “International program for students who think they’re smarter than everyone else and want to prove it.” Oh do I have stories about IB… anyway, it means I get treated as if I have already done the first year course of whatever classes I took in IB and did great in.

University is hard, blah blah, not really, it just eats up a lot of time. Especially the history courses.

So in answer to all those people who’ve e-mailed me your excellent questions, consider this your public acknowledgment. Keith, Dan, Theodore, Ripples the Pengiun (I’m not kidding either), I got it. Your e-mail is safe in my inbox with a little frowny face tag.

I’ll get to them… hopefully…

My last final is Monday, I should have a LOT of free time after that to get out proper answers to them. (more…)

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Don’t Be So Hasty

If I ever remember to log off in my raid gear again, those of you who actively stalk my armory to see what I’m up to (and I know you’re out there!) will note that I have forsaken spellpower gems in favor of haste gems.

Shock! Le gasp! I know, eh? (Canadians do not say “I know right?”)

The reasoning is actually very simple. Fact is, there is no appreciable difference between spellpower gems and haste gems.

Well, there is, slightly. An epic +23 spellpower gem will grant me 29 DPS, whereas an epic +20 haste gem will grant me 28 DPS.

To me, a difference of one DPS is just far too small for me to give a damn, especially considering that stacking haste gems is infinitely more fun. It’s invigorating, it’s exciting. Arcane Blast has a base cast time of 1.9 seconds, and it feels absolutely out of control. In a good way.

Have you ever been on a really fast roller coaster? Think of the surge of adrenaline when you aren’t really doing anything complicated, just roaring along the track as fast as you can go. Unstoppable, relentless speed. I suspect driving a car real fast evokes a similar feeling.

That’s what playing arcane feels like with 700+ haste. I’m shooting for 800+ in my next few upgrades here, but the point is casting spells really fast is just an awesome feeling. (more…)

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Gear Guidelines

Basic Stats

Spellpower is typically your strongest stat, superior to everything else, with hit a close second (until you are hitcapped). If you have higher values of spellpower and aren’t hit capped, hit is your strongest stat.

The relative worth of crit and haste depend on spec and the strength of the other two main DPS stats.


Don’t take this to mean “ignore hit rating”. Just don’t go overboard trying to get hit capped, don’t socket everything with hit, and above all, don’t let your other stats (especially spellpower) suffer just to get some hit.

You do still want to get hit capped, you just don’t want to make sacrifices to get there.

For Frostfire based specs.

Spellpower is superior to hit until roughly the 1600-1700 spellpower range. At that point, they are about even, and higher values of spellpower (1700+) result in hit being the superior stat.

Haste and crit are nearly even, though relative to the other. If you have twice as much crit rating as haste rating, then haste is more valuable. If your haste rating is twice your crit rating, then crit is more valuable.

Spellpower is generally better than, point for point, haste and crit. Both of them are roughly at 2/3 strength compared to spellpower at lower values (1200, 1400).

They become even at a very high level of stats (2600+ spellpower, with both haste and crit sporting numbers over 500). Don’t expect haste/crit to outshine spellpower until you have more than 3000 spellpower. (more…)

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Gear List? I ‘ardly Know ‘er!

I’ve been asked (repeatedly) recently for a gear list. Whether it’s for Heroics, 10 man or 25 man raiding, there are multiple somebody’s out there who want one.

Let me destroy your hopes right now. I will not, nor will I ever, provide a definitive gear list.

The reasoning is long-ish and suitably wordy to constitute a blog post. So here you go, you disappointed goons.

Before BC came out, it was fairly easy to provide a gear list. There were very, very few sources of quality gear, and even then most of it was crap. One could say, with absolute certainty, that a mage would need this hat, and this trinket, and everything else was total junk.

With BC released, it became somewhat more difficult. One could get quality gear from PvP and professions in addition to instances. Oh yeah, and thanks to a thing called “Heroics” and this new fangled “badge” mechanic, there were far, far more pieces of gear floating around.

Rather than saying “get this item”, gear lists leaned more towards the “get this, or this, or this, and this is good too, and so is this if you can afford it” style.

LK has gummed it all up even further. The amalgamation of Spell Healing/Damage into raw Power means that there isn’t even a genuine line between healer gear and caster gear.

Providing a gear list would be a monumental task, and largely pointless as anyone could get the exact same list with a modicum of effort on Wowhead. (more…)

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Mostly About Gems

OMGZ new loots! Heroes’ Frostfire Shoulderpads for the win, baby! Finally something to get me out of those dinky Runed Whatever Spaulders of the Not Very Cool.

Uh oh. A gem socket. And it’s yellow… Haste? Do I need Haste? Or should I just stack that with straight spellpower.

Maybe I can get one of those spellpower/hit gems. Those don’t cost nearly as much.

Which is better then? 9 Spellpower, 8 Hit and 4 Haste, or just pure 19 Spellpower?

Well, now, wouldn’t it be great if there was a hard and fast rule about which to pick?

Before LK was released, these decisions were easy.

1) Are you hitcapped?

2) If “Yes”, spellpower.

3) If “No”, spell hit rating.

Such is not the case anymore. Things are different. Hit isn’t necessarily your top priority. Spellpower could be, or maybe it’s Haste. Or Crit. It all depends on your spec and your current gear level. (more…)

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For the sake of these numbers, I am going to use three “mages”: one in T4 and equivalent gear, one in T5, and the last in T6/Sunwell. For each, their mana regeneration will be calculated as self-buffed, and fully raid buffed.

Self Buffed:

  • Arcane Intellect
  • Mage Armor
  • Spell Damage food (i.e. Crunchy Serpent)
  • Flask of Blinding Light
  • Superior Wizard oil

Raid Buffed:

  • Everything in the previous list
  • Improved Mark of the Wild
  • Improved Divine Spirit
  • Improved Blessing of Wisdom
  • Blessing of Kings
  • Improved Power Word Fortitude
  • Shaman: Wrath of Air Totem, Mana Spring Totem

All mages are specced 40/0/21. (more…)

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Spirit is the topic of the day, such as it is…

Long regarded as the stupidest mage stat to ever exist, it has been the source of a great deal of hatred from the mage class. More specifically, it’s inclusion on tiered mage gear made us quiver with rage at the warlocks who got higher everything else on their gear.

Spirit, in case you don’t know, gives you passive mana regeneration, regenerating mana every 2 seconds (called a “tick”), assuming you are outside of the 5 second rule (FSR).

Whenever you cast a spell, that is, expend mana, your mana regeneration from spirit (mana regen while not casting, according to your character sheet’s tooltip) is interrupted. While interrupted, you regenerate your mana according to your (again, according to your character sheet’s tooltip) mana regen while casting.This interruption lasts 5 seconds. (more…)

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