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So Horns and his friends with unpronounceable names over at Yet Another Warlock Nerf are having themselves a little contest. A contest which, conveniently, involves them giving away stuff for free*.

Now, as Horns bribed asked me to throw them a shout-out, and as a firm believer in free things (especially food), I feel it is my duty to inform the faceless masses. It would be incredibly selfish to keep the free stuff to myself.

Ok maybe not entirely free. You would need to do a bunch of typing about a relevant topic. Which isn’t exactly free, but you aren’t paying for anything! It could also inspire that wannabe blogger inside you. Or at least make him/her/it happy.

You don’t want your inner blogger ripping and tearing it’s way out of your nasal cavities, do you?

No, Calvin, I did not ask you. Sit down. And not on the unicycle this time.

You can find all the details here!

*The Small Print

Freeness not guaranteed. Effort may be required. Entrants must speak English, be able to communicate with proper grammar, be able to spell correctly, free of rampant plagiarism, possess an e-mail, and be able to provide a shiny picture. Picture does not need to be relevant to anything. Please refrain from taking pictures of yourself naked.

Well, I mean, specifically refrain from using naked pictures of yourself for the purposes of posting it on the internet for this contest. Feel free to take naked pictures of yourself any time you want to. It’s not against the law or anything.

Note: please refer to your local laws before making this assumption. I made a similar error when I attempted to engage Japanese royalty in conversation with a puppet of a midget on my left arm.

Though I’d still recommend against posting these naked pictures of yourself on the internet. This isn’t necessarily illegal, but probably a bad idea. (Again, make sure you check your local laws. Do not do what I did, and end up in a jail somewhere with nothing but a novelty pencil to clothe yourself.)

If you really must post pictures of yourself naked on the internet, feel free to send me a link. Or just e-mail them directly to me. I promise I won’t laugh. Unless you tell a joke at the same time. Or hold up a piece of paper with a joke on it in the picture. Or scribble a joke on your naked body somewhere.

Or record a video of you telling a joke while naked. That would actually be awesome.

Please send all videos of naked joke telling to: criticalqq@gmail.com.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned you needed to write something 450 words long? Not hard, this post itself is already 468 words long, and all I did was ramble about naked people.


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This is me weighing in on Watchmen. Feel free to skip this and feel disappointed if you’re only here for WoW stuff.


So Big Bear posted his thoughts on the Watchmen movie. Check out his perspective as somebody who grew up with the comics in the ’80s.

My perspective is totally different. I wasn’t even alive when the comics came out, and didn’t even read them until last year.

No, I was not one of the people dragged into it by the movie hype, I was dragged into it by a friend who loaned me some of Alan Moore’s work, so I decided to read what else he had written. The guy is a bloody genius.

Bear has already gone into great detail of how Moore works with his characters. The way Moore set up Watchmen was simple. He created a world, created characters, put those characters in the world, and observed what happened.

There was no plot imposed on characters. No story with archetypes and plot devices. Merely his characters existing.

I, for one, really enjoyed the movie, and was pleasantly surprised at how well they managed to keep the ending non-retarded. (more…)

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Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Obligatory screenshot of the Critter Gitter achievement!


Here’s a glimpse into my train of thought…

Hee hee, lookit all those penguins! Man, I bet orcas wished they were player characters!

Hmm, there are orcas swimming all around here… I wonder…

*Flying Mount*

*Fly over water*


And thus is the true meaning of a chef: the ability to prepare delicious food for any palate.

If you’ll excuse me, Glowergold needs cheese.

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Awesome Things and Things!

Lag is the most powerful force in WoW. Nothing else can even compare. 1500 Stamina is nothing compared to the sheer power of 1500 ms. Even the most well stacked, overgeared raid can easily fall victim to the almighty lag.

Lag allows for clever people to do clever things. Like Spell Steal Ice Block, or Counterspell Counterspell.

Yes, I have spell stolen Ice Block several times, once even in a competitive arena (though that was quite a long time ago). If you’re opponent is suffering from enough lag, literally any buff can be spell stolen.

I once stole a Paladin’s bubble, and then immediately counterspelled the Holy Light he was trying to cast. The Paladin stood there for several seconds, then attempted to turn and flee. He died, and probably ran to the forums and cried about how OP mages were.

Are we? Well… maybe.

Paladin leaps off of Lumber Mill, bubbling himself. Bubble was stolen. Paladin went splat.

Paladin uses Divine Intervention on a mage for some reason. Possibly a misclick. Anyway, I was in combat against this mage, and was attempting to steal Ice Barrier. Imagine my immense confusion when suddenly I can’t move or use any abilities.

Alliance Paladin, dead. Alliance mage, dead soon afterwards when my teammates killed him. Me, Horde mage, standing there ridiculously confused. (more…)

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my thing. Prepare to die!

That’s no moon. It’s a thing.

Madness? This is thing!

I’ll have what that thing’s having.

But why is the thing gone?

They may take away our thing, but they’ll never take our other things!

A thing. Shaken, not stirred.

Well, a thing’s a thing, but they call it ‘le Thing’.

As God is my thing, I’ll never be hungry again.

Pay no attention to that man behind the thing!

I am big! It’s my thing that got small.

A thing, for lack of a better word, is a thing.

This is your thing for your thing… and this is my thing for your thing.

They’re here already! You’re thing! You’re thing!

Thing! Why did it have to be thing?

I’m king of the thing!

When I invite a woman to dinner I expect her to look at my thing. That’s the price she has to pay.

Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its thing.

A boy’s best friend is his thing.

Why don’t you come up some time and see my thing?

You had me at thing.

Say hello to my little thing!

You’re gonna need a bigger thing.

Dave, my thing is going! I can feel it! I can feel it!

Grab onto my thing!

You can’t handle my thing!

It is too late. My thing is inside you.

That’ll do, thing. That’ll do.

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Sixth of Sixth

The newest blog meme is simple. Post the sixth screenshot in your sixth folder. Gnomeaggedon tagged me, so here we go.

Cynical? Yeah, I may be a cynic, but I don’t express that in everything I do!


Forget I said anything.

Tag! You’re it!

Aurdon! Pike! Josh! Galertruby! Megan!


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Stonard? No? You Sure?


Mages are well known for their ability to provide transportation to their party members.

Even if said party members end up in a swamp instead of a floating city.

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