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Ahoy Thar!

It be the 18th of the wily month of September, ‘n’ Talk Like a Pirate Day be jus’ ’round  th’corner. An’ ifn’a ya please, it be a goodly idea to cel’brate this fine holiday. After all, if ya don’ let ‘t’cher inner pirate every now ‘n’ then, yer inner pirate’s gonna end up a pillagin’ yer insides.

And that’s a right shameful ol’ mess.

So get that pillagin’ on the outside, ‘n’ go steal some loot!

To celebrate yer inner pirate, here’s a wee quest o; lists that tells ya some… erm, list o’ quests that pirate… tings… ‘n’ ye can do them ev’ryday! (more…)

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Pirates versus Ninjas

Temerity Jane brings up an excellent topic here that obviously has nothing to do with WoW, but is still something incredibly important in this life.

Are you a Pirate? Or are you a Ninja? While all the comments on her blog bring up plenty of very valid points and arguments to each side, I firmly believe that such a huge decision is one that can only be made by you. Whether you choose to become a Ninja, or a Pirate, it will have an incredible impact on your life.

I present the following evidence for your perusal:

*Note: these pictures are most definitely Rated PG-13, probably 14A. Highly suggested to view these when the significant other is not in the same building. However, they are tastefully done, you will not find any nipples.*


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