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The actual dps increases are something more like adding Pyroblast to Torment the Weak and Empowered Fire. That may have missed the most recent patch notes.


Yes, ghostcrawler, a change this huge did miss the patch notes, just a little bit.

So uh.


Pyroblast added to TtW and Empowered Fire.

Now when I say a huge change, I mean “significant DPS boost”, take that however you want. Obviously Pyroblast will not be worth casting as part of a rotation, it’s still strictly Hot Streak only.

But, when this patch gets released, those Hot Streak procs are going to hit significantly harder. How significant? Well, depends on your spellpower, really.

Adding Pyroblast to TtW is an excellent short term solution. A flat 12% damage increase to Pyroblast, boom, done, easy buff, and hey hello fire PvP buff too. Good job, all around.

Where I see a problem is with the TtW talent itself. That talent has been drastically overbudget for a long time now, and all signs point to it staying that way until Cataclysm at least. I’ve complained about TtW before, so suffice to say: the design of it sucks, but you still have to take it because the damage boost is so huge.

Adding Pyroblast to Empowered Fire is also a very significant boost to the damage Hot Streak can do, but this one will depend on how much spellpower you have kicking around.

Just to use a strawman, say you have three thousand spellpower raid buffed. 15% of that spellpower is going to be added to whatever damage your Pyroblast deals, so an extra 450 damage to every single Pyroblast you fire. The number could be different from 15%, of course, I’m not on the PTR, I can’t tell you for sure. In any case, good change is good, DPS increase is a DPS increase, hurray huzzah for Pyroblast’s hitting much harder.

Oh yeah, and Combustion is now a 2 minute cooldown.

Now the inevitable question: does this make fire viable again?

The inevitable answer: fire has always been viable you twat. It just hasn’t been as good as arcane, is all. You want to talk about fire being oh so terrible? I think your fellow frost mages might have something to say to you.

Just because something isn’t #1 DPS doesn’t mean it isn’t viable. If arcane is beating fire by a margin of 8% DPS, give or take depending on the nature of the fight and how hard arcane can abuse IA, that doesn’t mean fire is absolutely terrible. All it means is that it isn’t as good as arcane is.

Now, if we were to go back in time half a year and watch frost mages flail wildly about at the bottom of the theoretical DPS charts, now there you could make an argument for non-viability.

Now, to answer what you meant to ask: does this make fire and arcane closer to each other, DPS wise? Is there a significant difference?

Yes, these changes bring fire and arcane much closer together. My initial assumptions and ridiculously fast napkin mathcrafting conclude that fire and arcane are definitely sub 10% in DPS difference, though fire is still behind arcane, even considering the IA nerf. I’d say fire is about 4 or 5% behind arcane on an average fight.

To me, that is an insignificant difference. To me, that says “pick whichever you prefer”. Arcane and fire have different specialties and completely different playstyles and gearing decisions, so pick the one you want to play.

Fire is better at AoE, provides better sustained single target damage, superior range and mobility, and can dominate fights with continuous multiple targets (Kologarn, Twins where the two are tanked close together). Arcane can switch targets much faster, due to having no ramp time, has much stronger cooldowns (and thus far greater burst) and doesn’t suffer from DPS “lag” as fire does with ignite and living bomb.

Or go frost, if you like.

A tree does not have to be optimal to be viable.

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Disclaimer: the solutions I offer were all thought of by me in the past few days. I do not claim any of them to be original ideas. Maybe I invented them, maybe I read a suggestion on some forum somewhere a year ago, maybe I just borrowed a mechanic from another class.

Problem: unpredictable and unreliable burst damage.

Generally speaking, when a class wishes to burst, they push a couple buttons which massively increases the damage they are capable of pumping out. A warrior pushes Bladestorm, a frost mage pushes icy veins, arcane mages push arcane power.

Fire does not have such an option. Fire has Combustion, which essentially creates guaranteed crits that crit harder than normal. This is going to become a common theme in the rest of the post here, the core problem here is too much RNG.

When a warrior pushes Bladestorm, he is dealing tons of damage immediately, possibly to multiple targets. When a frost mage pushes Ivy Veins, he is casting much faster, resulting in a huge increase to effective damage output. He can also use Deep Freeze and shatter combos. This is all immediate, on demand burst damage. (more…)

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Fire Questions Answered

In regards to the frag belt, as opposed to simply building the individual bombs.

If you want to use the cobalt bombs every minute instead of the belt every six, go right ahead. The belt is far cheaper in the long run, which is the only reason I consider it superior to using individual bombs.

I have not run into any situation where the six minute cooldown on the belt has hurt me. I simply do not use it more often than that. I have some individual cobalt frag bombs sitting in my engineering bag, but they have never been used. The belt has proven to be enough.

It’s also worth noting that the belt and grenades only partially share cooldowns. If you use a grenade, this puts both the grenade and belt on cooldown for one minute. If you use the belt, the belt is on cooldown for six minutes, but the grenades are only on cooldown for one minute.

I say, use both. Default to the belt if it’s up, if not, then use an individual frag. Best of both worlds and it will save you some cash. (more…)

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Dear Mr. Gnomeaggedon, Sir

I’ve had several pleas from the various far flung corners of the internet for help, regarding fire PvP. So without further ado, I will try my best to answer those questions.

First, gearing questions.

  • Ignore haste, crit and spellpower all the way

Haste is the best friend of frost and arcane PvP specs. Not so for fire! As a fire mage, the only spells with a cast time you will ever be casting are Polymorph and Scorch. Literally every other spell you ever use will be instant cast; you simply do not need to use haste for anything.

Instead, gear for crit. Your base PvP set has all crit, aim to get crit on every single piece you use. Buy the crit necklace, the crit cape, the crit rings, and so forth. If you end up with some haste from, say, your raiding weapons, that’s fine, just make sure your actual PvP gear is haste free.

Gem for spellpower and spell penetration. It might be tempting to gem for, say, crit, but don’t give in! Primarily you’ll want to gem Mysterious Dreadstones, and you’ll want to end up with around 120 spell penetration. This should nullify most of the resistances you meet in general PvP. Naturally, once you have enough spell penetration, fill everything else up with raw spellpower. (more…)

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Shoop da Woop Egg Nog

Merry Christmas to all, and so forth.

Seriously, why are you here? It’s Christmas, go spend time with your friends and… yeah, I can’t say that with a straight face either. It’s WoW binging time, and I leveled a warlock from level 1 to 20 in seven hours. Why do I have a warlock? Cause I don’t have one yet. I have everything else, it’s high time I added a warlock to the mix.

Druid? Been there, done that, bored out of my mind.

Death Knight? Tried that, leveled that, twice, even twinked one. I miss 2H frost so much. *sniffle*

Hunter? Everyone has one. I dominated battlegrounds back when Aimed Shot had a cast time, and I manually wove every single Steady Shot. Haven’t really played it since Wrath shipped.

Everyone knows about my mage and paladin.

Priest? Yeah I got one o’ those thingies too. Discipline was rad, lately I’ve given shadow PvP a try. It was actually very strong, the only real issues was an ineffective snare and HUGE, and I do mean HUGE mana problems. This was before 3.3 though, so I have no idea what shadow priest PvP is like now.

I do know that there are a lot more spriests running around, and I suppose they’re a threat or something. I don’t really know, I just buff myself with Mage Armor and laugh at them. (more…)

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Two Finals Down, Three to Go

My mom took it upon herself to talk to the manager of the bus drivers in my town. He wasn’t there (haha yeah), so she gets a call back from the head boss guy about an hour later.

“Hi, I’m Tom from Transit.”

So my mom said, tersely, her name. So he responded with…

“No, I’m Tom.”

Not even joking. So not joking.

Believe it or not, the conversation went downhill from there.


“We”, meaning us, meaning For Whom The Bell Tolls, have cleared ICC. Lady Deathwhisper keeled over, sexy rogue loot was handed out, then the elevator kidnapped me. It was hilarious.

At one point you have to fight a trash mob dragon with a million hitpoints. Your spell effects look absolutely monstrous on a model this huge. Our druid threw up Insect Swarm and it apparently looked like space invaders from melee. (more…)

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To The Congregation

Since starting this blog, I’ve avoided forums like they were a large group of diseased troglodytes. Elitist Jerks and Arena Junkies are the only forums I visit “frequently”, and the latter is only visited when I have absolutely nothing better to do. Hitting myself in the head with a textbook is included in “better than reading the AJ forums”, and “frequently” means once or twice a week, maybe, for a few minutes at a time.

The EJ forums I can actually enjoy reading, but me and pompous douchebaggery go together like water and more water, so that isn’t really saying much. The AJ forums are like EJ, but replace the “pompous” part with epeens and compensation the size of planets.

Both are actually pretty educational, provided you can survive them. You’ll need a fireproof suit, perhaps a sherpa, but it’s possible.

I was inspired by Megan to try and actively participate in forums again, because she’s right, as always. (more…)

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Fire PvP

BOOM here comes the BOOM ready or not, haha how you like me now?!

LK has, so far, been the best expansion in history for mages. Multiple specs viable for both PvE and PvP, and patch 3.3 is gifting us with a PvE viable frost spec (or close enough for most people), and a fire tree that’s viable for PvP.

Wait, what? Hell yeah, fire for PvP.

Been paying attention to the PTR notes? No? Forgot? Here’s a ‘fresher:

  • Mana cost of DB and BW slashed, they’re cheap as dirt now.
  • Firestarter, that talent everyone ignores that gives you instant flame strikes when you use DB or BW, now also makes that flamestrike cost no mana.
  • Burning Determination now grants you immunity to the next silence or interrupt effect.

Fire already has other talents which edge it close to being a great PvP spec. Fireblasts that can stun, Living Bomb on unlimited targets, instant pyros whenever you crit twice, blazing speed, a disarm and anti-execute damage reduction.

In case you missed it, the Scorch effect applies all five stacks immediately as of 3.3. No need for the glyph at all. Hurray for raiding fire mages! The glyph is still around of course, providing a 20% boost to scorch damage. Bah, says the raiders, no one will ever take that. (more…)

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News From the Front!

  • Water Elemental: Waterbolt mana cost reduced by 80%.

Whelp. There’s the answer to the WE’s mana issues. Isn’t that convenient! (Shout out to Magejuego!)

In other news, buffs to fire PvP!

No seriously. Check this stuff out:

  • Blast Wave: The mana cost of this talent has been significantly reduced.
  • Burning Determination: The duration of interrupt immunity granted by this talent is now 20 seconds.
  • Dragon’s Breath: The mana cost of this talent has been significantly reduced.
  • Firestarter: When this talent is triggered, it makes the next Flamestrike cost no mana in addition to being instant.

Something is very wrong here. Major buffs to frost PvE and fire PvP in the same patch? What is this madness?! (more…)

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Combustion and Black Magic


The Bottom Line – Combustion is worth the talent point for both FB and FFB mages.

If that’s all you needed to know, there you go. Sorry it was so long in coming.

On to the deeper stuff.

Combustion, for anyone who missed it, now improves the strength of your crits when it is active, and finally doesn’t interact with LB ticks. The charges are meaningful now, and with the buff, it actually is a worthwhile cooldown to use.

By itself, combustion is still rather weak, providing an absolutely minuscule DPS increase of around 0.5% if considered by itself. As all of you no doubt know, using any cooldown by itself is generally a silly thing to do. While combustion may be weak by itself, it scales extremely well when used in conjunction with other mechanics. (more…)

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