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I suppose I should start with the obvious: Death Knights.

Death Knights… well, they didn’t actually do so great this expansion. They completely dominated in season 5, due to being broken, and then various fixes and nerfs brought them to being the lowest represented class in every bracket and utterly worthless in two brackets outright.

To make a quick point, there’s a difference between something being broken and something being overpowered. In season 5, DKs were so fantastic because the majority of their damage came from Icy Touch, a ranged instant ability that they can come really close to spamming if they wanted to. Which they did, because it hit really hard.

This, to me, isn’t an example of something that’s overpowered. Overpowered would be a 50% damage reduction Icebound Fortitude every minute. Spamming Icy Touch for massive damage was not overpowered, that was outright broken. It was never meant to work that way, wasn’t designed to work that way, and thus was (eventually, Blizzard was way too slow in nerfing Icy Touch spam) fixed so it didn’t work that way.

To give another example, Bladestorm dealing too much damage would be considered overpowered. However, popping Sweeping Strikes then Bladestorm because it deals more damage to a single target isn’t overpowered, that is broken.

Yes, a class that has broken abilities can definitely be overpowered. A bladestorming warrior using sweeping strikes to beat the stuffing out of a single target is definitely overpowered. But that bladestorming warrior isn’t overpowered because of bladestorm, it is because the interaction between bladestorm and sweeping strikes is broken. A fine distinction to be sure, but it is nevertheless an important distinction.

So, with that out of the way, back to death knights. (more…)

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The Death Knight Theory

Simply stated, the side that has the highest concentration of Death Knights will inevitably be the victor.

Arathi Basin. Horde has two Death Knights. Alliance has five. The Alliance will win.

Warsong Gulch. Alliance has one DK. Horde has three. Horde wins.

Eye of the Storm. Alliance has seven Death Knights. Horde has one. Alliance wins.

And on and on and on…

The only possible exception to this may be Alterac Valley, I don’t know; with queue times measured in hours it’s difficult to test.

Nonetheless, it seems to hold true for everything else.

It seems to be restricted to Unholy Death Knights, however. Frost and Blood don’t seem to count towards this theory.

Played an AB with each side possessing three DK’s. One of the alliance Knights was Blood specced. Alliance lost. All of the Horde ones, of course, were Unholy. (more…)

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