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And Now for the Punchline

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Pointless Filler Post is Pointless

I hate so very many things.

Illogical hatred, the kind of hatred that simply consumes your entire mind in an instant inferno of indescribable rage. A rage that, if it was in a game and possessed a tooltip, would say “ATYAGI*)(&!B %GBH!@HB DAGUDY!!!JDH KAHF@NF”. A rage so total and complete the only thing that exists is the flaming black hate, the sort of rage where you wake up several minutes later, standing over the broken body of someone you don’t recognize and no memory of the past several minutes, fists soaked in blood.

The worst part is that you usually have no idea what will trigger one of these horrific slaughter fests. Something or someone comes along, pushes a button you didn’t even know you have, and then several hours later you’re trying to explain to the police why you have a necklace threaded with human teeth.

These are not logical hatreds. For example, I hate it when mosquitoes fly into my ear, or even close to my ear. I have destroyed walls when mosquitoes do this. But this is a logical hatred. If you think it isn’t, then you have simply never experienced a mosquito flying around near your ear.

This is a long list of things I hate. Profanity is to be expected from here on out, because all of these topics make me try to type with fists instead of fingers.

(I mean extremely long. I mean in excess of two thousand words long. If you like my rants, I will never be able to top this one. This one’s for you Lazreth. Winky Emoticon.) (more…)

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Cataclysm Will Fix It!

(This rant was written many weeks ago, so complaints about PvP burst may seem a little hollow now, but hey, QQ is QQ and that’s why you’re here, right?)

I’m getting really tired of this sentiment.

An open note to Blizzard:


I have problems with DPS!

Don’t worry, we have plans for Cataclysm.

Such and such is an unwieldy, stupid mechanic!

Don’t worry, we’ll get it fixed for Cataclysm.

Healing is so spiky and spammy. This isn’t fun at all!

Don’t worry, we’ll increase health pools in Cataclysm.

PvP is way too bursty!

Cataclysm will fix it.

My class is terrible!

Cataclysm will fix it.

That class is overpowered!

Cataclysm will fix it.

We aren’t having problems tanking the packs of adds Ragnaros summons. We are having problems tanking now. Death Knights aren’t having problems producing snap aggro on an add Digimon the Flaming Hamburger spawns in Molten Core Two: Revenge of the Core Hounds. Death Knights are having problems producing snap aggro right now.

Healers aren’t having problems with tanks getting two shot in Cataclysm. Healers aren’t forced to spam in Cataclysm. PvP isn’t too bursty in Cataclysm.

We aren’t having any of these problems in Cataclysm, because we aren’t playing goddamn Cataclysm!

We are having these problems in the game we are actually playing, right now.

I get it. I understand. You can’t just start sledgehammering changes into the game. You can’t just, say, double the damage reduction resilience provides without serious testing first (oh wait…).

But, you gotta do something. Repeating “Cataclysm will fix it” over and over again is getting extremely old.

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Intolerant of Incompetence

EDIT: Apparently this post is nearly identical to one posted by Rilgon over at SES. So… you can read that one instead and basically get the exact same message.

Ok, let’s be clear here. I get playing “casual”; whatever definition you want to use. Dedicating hours a day into simulation engines, researching your class, finagling with gearing and gem choices for minimal gain… I get that it isn’t for everyone. I get that not everyone wants to spend nine hours a week raiding. I get that not everyone has any desire to throw themselves at the hardest raid content Blizzard has designed.

What I don’t get is why being utterly incompetent, why not even attempting to be any good at anything is somehow acceptable these days.

If you follow any blogs besides mine whatsoever, or occasionally listen to your friends, you’ve heard of horrendous, epic fail PuG groups. You’ve heard of the hunter wearing mp5 gear, the arms warrior trying to tank with 443 defense and DW daggers, or the legions of DKs struggling to maintain 300 DPS. (more…)

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Nobody Gives a Shit

As I type this Friday evening, I still can’t feel my feet. (more…)

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Gear Gap Bullshit

Story time. Both from a ret pally perspective and mage perspective.

Mister rogue wearing PvP blues wielding daggers he managed to dredge up from some heroic opens with cheap shot. Being a pally, I just sit there and wait for kidney. Pow, there it is, blow freedom on myself, and now the cooldown blowing competition begins. The rogue has dropped me to 95%.

Mister rogue wearing furious and relentless gear wielding 1800 rating daggers opens with cheap shot. Again, I wait for kidney. Pow, there it is, blow freedom, and the rogue has me at 60%.

The blue wearing rogue in crap gear opens on me with cheap shot. Being a mage, I just sit there and wait for kidney. There it is, I blink, at 90% health, and the rogue tries his damndest, but the poor guy just can’t touch me.

The elite gear wearing rogue opens on me with… not cheap shot, but Garrote. I can’t blink, being silenced, and he uses Eviscerate as a finisher and I’m dead literally 4 seconds after the fight started.

This isn’t QQ, not yet anyway. Rogues tear clothies apart pretty easy, I don’t wear a lot of resilience, arcane shatter mages aren’t very good against melee classes anyways, and it’s my fault I didn’t use a cooldown of some sort to survive the opener.

Point is, the geared-out-the-ass rogue could tear me apart like I was made of tissue. The one who, more than likely, is a fresh 80 could blow every cooldown he has and still not kill me, even if I didn’t use any. (more…)

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Quite the bombshell.

ICC is going to be gated, and gated very heavily. As in, on release, we only have access to the first four bosses. This is all we get for weeks. “Several weeks”, to use the exact quote. Then we get to fight the next three, and after several more weeks, the next two, then after several more weeks, the final three.

And then, and only then, does heroic mode unlock. And did I mention that you get limited tries on the final boss of each wing?

This is… interesting.

On the one hand, this is perfect for casual aligned raider guilds. No pressure to continue past a certain point, because there isn’t anything beyond that point. On the other hand, this is a huge cockblock for the high end guilds, and possibly immensely frustrating for mid-level raiders.

Your mileage may vary, I suppose. (more…)

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25-man VoA forming up. I was on my paladin at the time, so I figure what the hey. Ret DPS isn’t exactly difficult (read: easy as crap) and I could use the Relentless gear, it would save me some honor farming. So I join in, do literally all of the summons myself (thanks guys), though thankfully I did at least have a dedicated clicker.

Gah, big advantage to 10 man raiding right there. Summoning is so easy when you have to deal with 8 people at absolute maximum.

Anyway, so in we go. Trash drops like nothing. We get to Koralon.

Our two tanks are Rhyokin (a well geared orc warrior with the title Gladiator) and Iliad (tauren DK, also well geared and also a Gladiator). Now, I respected both of these guys a great deal. They raid hard, they PvP hard, they seemed like pretty cool guys, overall. It’s also worth taking note of Nhiosis, a fantastic warlock with 85k lifetime kills.

If you bothered to armory them, you’ll notice they are all from the same guild. (more…)

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Whatever This Patch Is…

It had better be important.

I don’t think I’ve ever been flat out booted from the game and forced to download an emergency patch before. Seems like this must be something hugely important, what with booting me in the middle of a hard-fought WG, costing me the honor and tokens for winning. 20 minutes of hard fighting, wasted. Thank god I have time to do three WGs a night. I don’t know how I’d deal with this if I actually had something like a social life.

The forums say this is just a tools update, for the launcher (which I don’t use, and haven’t for years) or downloader or something.

Why this couldn’t wait literally ten hours for patch night boggles my mind.

Oh well. At least by punting me in the middle of the evening, this gives me time to deal with all the real life stuff like going to the bathroom or making dinner that I already did so I could play WoW all evening. So instead I’m just reading about Bat Boy and how Mel Gibson is to become the next pope. There is literally nothing else constructive left to do except sit here and watch the patch fail to update correctly over and over again.

Or, more accurately,try to start wow.exe, watch it do absolutely nothing whilst it demands access to fully control explorer.exe, and when given permission, instantly crashed explorer.exe.

Whelp, I’ma restart this here computer, and hopefully I don’t have to wait through that 50 minute download again.

See you on the flipside with an exciting story about how I put some guys I used to respect and revere on ignore.

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Micro-Transactions and the Pet Store

So much rage over such an inconsequential little thing. You can now buy vanity pets for real cash. Big whoop.

Ok, seriously, what the hell people. What so many of these complainers seem to forget is that microtransactions in WoW isn’t even a new concept. Don’t you guys remember paid race change? Paid faction change? Paid character recustomization? Paid SERVER TRANSFER?

Paying real cash for something in-game is not new. If you’re comparing WoW, with the whole pets thing, to all those microtransaction style “korean” MMOs, you are years too late.

What about the card game and the “loot cards”?

Here, lemme go to ebay and search for “spectral tiger mount”.

BOOM. A thousand fucking dollars.

Ten bucks is nothing for a very high quality vanity pet. I mean, Lil’ K.T. will laugh at players you kill in PvP. These two are among the very best pets in the game. But eh. Cost is beside the point.

You get all worked up about them directly selling pets for cash. A vanity item. A vanity item that, by it’s very definition, doesn’t change game play at all. A vanity item that isn’t even new or unique, but instead follows a very long string of other vanity items and services that have been part of WoW for years.

What is wrong with you?!

How many people bought the Blizzard feed for the pet alone? I know of at least 3 in my 10-man guild. How many people get the collector’s editions for the pet only?

But I get it. I do. You think Blizzard crossed a very serious line here, and nightmares of “slippery slope” dance in your head (please note the part where the concept of slippery slope is a logical fallacy). Selling pets directly is a little bit different from selling them indirectly, you say. You’re just wrong, is all.

Blizzard will never sell actual, game altering items for real cash. You will never be able to buy your tier sets for twenty bucks, you will never be able to buy fifty badges of I-already-did-this-content-goddamnit for a one time credit card payment. It’s just never going to happen.

The pet shop is only the beginning. I expect there will be many more pets added, and more than likely mounts and tabards and the like. I can almost guarantee that there will soon be a huge Hummer mount available that costs fifty bucks to get and awards you the title “Isn’t Compensating”.

But to think this is just the first step towards buying gold or gear? You’re wrong.

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