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Mortal Strike

As I briefly mentioned last post, mages now have access to a miniature mortal strike, via the talent Permafrost, at a 7/13/20% reduction to healing, afflicting all targets suffering from on of your chill effects.

My initial reaction is as follows:


After that… I thought about it, and then said the following:


The first “why” being in legitimate confusion, the second being more of a philosophical conjecture.

The Mortal Strike debuff itself used to be a warrior only thing. Nearly completely by itself, it made Arms the PvP spec of choice. It gave warriors the ability to provide massive pressure against enemy healers, and as a result warriors became very prevalent in PvP.

With only a little bit of exaggeration, every successful 5v5 arena team had a warrior for one reason and one reason only, and that was the godly mortal strike debuff. (more…)


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Ahhh, complaining. A fantastic past time.

I don’t know why people continue to QQ about ret paladins. Maybe it’s because I play a snare-heavy frost mage in PvP (or pally healer when I’m not doing that), but they just don’t strike me as anything fantastic.

Sure, their damage is high, but if you’re getting hit by one, you screwed up somewhere.

For instance, I was guarding BE in Eye, playing Peggle. While it pains me to admit that, Horde had basically won the thing. We had three bases, was in the process of capping the fourth, there was really nothing of importance for me to do.

So this ret paladin comes out of nowhere, I see a whole bunch of numbers show up on my screen, and before I know it I’ve lost half my health pool.

The ret paladin had, so far, only cast judgment and crusader strike. Oof. I blame my criminal neglect of my PvP gear, as I’m sporting a FABULOUS 350 resilience.

Anyway, once I was aware of the fight, the ret paladin was killed without issue. Ice Barrier handily absorbed Divine Storm, HoJ was met with Blink, Blessing of Freedom was spell stolen, and the poor paladin found himself either rooted or stunned for the entirety of the (very brief) fight.

Note to ret paladins: while wearing Ulduar gear into battlegrounds may help your position on the damage meters, it also means I’m going to kill you in three spells. Consider yourself warned. (more…)

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Friday Night Shenanigans!

Normal people do things like go outside and… whatever it is people do outside on Friday’s.

Honestly, I don’t know. Throw paper airplanes around? Poke lumps on the ground with sticks? I haven’t been outside since January, so I really have no idea.

Meanwhile, I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to do stuff in WoW.

Did some more arenas… and it was unsettling.

Yesterday, we basically won every arena match, with one exception (that should have been a win, but apparently Warlocks are more than capable of winning a 2v1 battle.)

Today… we didn’t win at all. Loss after loss after loss after loss. At first it was like “no worries, we’ll do better next match”.

Then it was like “man, how did we lose to dual ret pally?”

And finally, it was all “I wonder how long we can consistently lose…”

So my poor, poor partner is getting tired. It’s really late for him, and he says “Whelp, better luck tomorrow” and I say “No! You are not allowed to log off until we win one!”

This was not out of any sense of being victorious, merely morbid curiosity to see how long we can chain-lose matches. (more…)

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Arena Transcripts

“What do we got?”

“Warlock and a shammy. Shammy is… enhancement? No, has a shield. Not resto. Elemental.”

“Ah. Warlock then?”

“It’ll be an easier kill, he isn’t sporting soul link.”

“Gotcha. Going after the lock!”

“He’s… Bloodlust, oh no…”

“I’m dead.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“What happened!?”

“Behold, the Bloodlust zerg. We basically completely failed to bring our mace and got raped.”

“How… how could we die so fast?!”

“I’m guessing this 4k Chain Lightning mighta had something to do with it.”

“Needz more resilience.”


“Alright. Hunter and a… dunno. Stealthed.”


“No Mark, probably a rogue. Wh- Hunter just disappeared?”

“Ah. Night elf. Shadowmeld.”

“Ahh. Kitty!”

“Kill it!”

“Kitty is dead! Yay!”


“Hunter inc! Is that a… warrior? Yeah, it’s a warrior.”



“No! S’ok! I bubbled with 162 hitpoints left. We’re good! How’s the hunter?”

“Dead now.”

“Excellent. So that totally wasn’t a warrior.”

“I gathered that from your frantic screaming.”


“I really hate Ring of Valor.”

“Yeah. Me too. The pillars are such cheap whores.”

“Have we even won here yet?”

“Yeah. Once. Something like 8 losses, though.”


“Yes. Want to buy reliable humping poles.”

“Warrior Paladin. Kill the paladin?”


“I don’t think this warrior knows where the hamstring button is.”


“I see a Death Knight and… nothing. Druid?”

“No mark, probably a rogue.”

“Could be. Or a clev-Death Knight is comin-SAPPED.”

“Aaand, stunlocked.”

“Damn, you’re dying fast. Alright, I… am frozen. And now I’m blind. And now you’re dead.”

“Yep. Damn CC chains.”

“In retrospect, I probably should have bubbled.”

“YOU *&!^@ &*^@ MUNCHING &*@!”


“Priest aaand… hunter. Discipline, probably. Don’t let yourself get dragged out into the open, that’s what the hunter wants. Stay close to walls and LOS.”

“Hunter first.”

“Pull back, you’re out in the open. Yeah, see, force ‘im to come to us. Feared, trinket.”

“I love being undead.”

“Shut ut up, you. Pull back here.”

“Heh, fight reset.”

“Coming down.”

*Minutes pass*

“Damn, got pulled into the open again. What kinda hunter was that?”

“Survival. Explosive Shot is the stuff of nightmares. S’alright. It’s late, you’re tired, I’m just going to use this opportunity to practice pillar humping. It is our first night after all.”

*Is at 10% mana and 30% HP*

“Heehee. They’re using slash pity on you!”

“Around and around we go!”

“Are you just kiting them around in circles?”

“… Yes.”

*Minutes pass*

“I can’t believe I’m still alive.”

“Why is the hunter not doing any… the hunter disconnected!”

“Did he?!”

“He was jus’ standing there, now he’s gone!”

“Hahaha! Just me and the priest then?”


“Pillar humping for the win!”

“Dude, you’re nearly back to full health and mana!”

“Let’s just say that Replenishment is awesome. Oh, he’s drinking! There will be none of that!”

“No, dude, stay outta combat and rez me!”

“… yeah, that would definitely be the far more intelligent thing to do.”

*Casts Redepmtion, Holy Light, Flash of Light.*

“Two against one. Here he comes!”

“Baaaaahahaha! Look at ‘im run!”

“Kill him! Kill him! Aahahaha!”

*Priest dies*

“There is no way that was fair.”

“Oh man. How long did that take? Ahaha! Nearly fifteen minutes!”

“Guy’s probably pissed as hell.”

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Newbie Tips for the Arena

Season 6 is right around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be a rather “new guy” friendly place. With all teams starting at 0 rating, a team has nowhere to go but up. No more will your moral be dampened by watching your rating go down for three weeks solid when you start.

If that wasn’t enough, arena gear is being offered for those with lower ratings. Even if you have a “mere” 1400 rating, there’s still arena gear you meet the requirements for and can purchase.

Of course the gear won’t be the same quality as, say, a 2400 arena team has access to, but still. It’s something, which is a whole lot better than the nothing new players had in previous seasons.

So if you’re new to arenas, maybe just dabbling in them for the first time, or just haven’t played them in a long, long time, here’s a quick primer of things to get you started. (more…)

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Orders of Business


First, much apologies for the site outage. I’m not sure what happened, I suspect that twitter whatever haberdashery caused some coding issues. A new twitter widget added to wordpress? Then all the wordpress blogs suddenly fail to load? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

It took something like six hours to even post those four words yesterday or whenever it was. It might have been a few days ago, I dunno; I’ve sort of spent the last 15 hours reading the entirety of Least I Could Do. Not exactly wise to start an archive binge when you first find the comic at 3am.

Dude’s been updating nearly every day since 2003. That’s a lot of damn comics. I think my brain hurts, and I now have a massive repertoire of pick-up lines ranging from terrible to hilariously awful to hate crime.

Secondly, has anyone else seen the Filefront closure? Like… seriously, holy crap, guys! There’s over 48 terabytes of downloadable content there! I can’t… I can’t even imagine how much porn that would store. Unless it’s uncompressed avi files. Then we’d get… what, five hours?

This had better beone of the crueler April Fool’s tricks out there, or I am going to be unreasonably sad at the loss of what is, essentially, a glorified digital museum full of priceless junk.

Some would say “free” or “worthless”, but those people are the same morons who always ask Guitar Hero and Rock Band players “Why don’t you play a real instrument?”

I don’t know, candle wax for brains, why don’t you ask that dude over there playing COD4 why he doesn’t go get a real machine gun and kill people? Why don’t you ask that guy playing Command & Conquer to get a real army of tanks and invade the soviet union? (more…)

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(Sung to the tune of the happy happy joy joy song.)

So FINALLY, after endlessly rambling about stuff, I get to ramble about the specifics. It’s all well and good to call for a split between PvE and PvP, but without giving precise details, I just sound like nut job.

So here we go. Specifics.

1. Eliminate hit mechanics from PvP.

Not all hit mechanics, obviously. Just the base miss chance that all players have against all other players.

Currently, when you cast a spell at an opposing player, you have a 96% chance to hit them. Only 4% of your spells will actually miss, so generally speaking a player without any hit in their PvP gear won’t see very many misses.

What happens to you if that tiny 4% chance to miss pops up right when you cast that super necessary crowd control?

It’s an egregious RNG mechanic that flat out needs to be eliminated. It’s as simple as adjusting a player’s base hit against other players to 100%.

Other than that, nothing else changes. If a DK wants to pick up that Frigid Dreadplate talent, that will continue to work as normal.

Conveniently, this allows for the elimination of all hit from PvP gear, thus placing yet another barrier between PvP and PvE content gear. (more…)

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