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Mages aren’t alone in this whole “talent bloat” issue, either.

Pretty much every class has this issue with some talents being completely mandatory.

Druids were brought up last post, specifically the talent Omen of Clarity. For those of you unfamiliar with the talent, OoC is basically Arcane Concentration, except it costs 1 talent point rather than 5.

Yeah, it’s an awesome talent. Yeah, pretty much every druid on the planet includes it in their spec.

So Blizzard decided to make the early resto tree a little less useless to the feral and boomkin druids heading down there for a single talent.

Furor, for instance. Right in the first tier. A feral druid can pick this up, essentially guaranteeing a feral tank at least 10 rage when a fight starts. A moonkin can invest here, too, boosting the value of their intellect by 10% for doing so.

And if that wasn’t enough, patch 3.1 is letting Imp. Mark of the Wild improve all of the druids stats by 1% per rank.

In the second tier, feral druids can pick up Naturalist, which gives their physical damage a hearty 10% boost. All druids can pick up a talent that reduces the mana cost of shapeshifting. (more…)


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Leveling frost is what most mages do. Some still level fire, preferring superior damage output to the control frost offers.

Does anyone level arcane?

I’ve scoffed at the arcane tree as a viable leveling spec for a long, long time. Mostly because it was extremely bad.

But there’s a couple new talents and synergies kicking around that could very well make arcane a perfectly reasonable leveling tree.

Torment the Weak, for instance, can give arcane access to very powerful nukes early on, and later Arcane Barrage, Slow and a 2 minute Evocate result in excellent efficiency and very powerful kiting power.

Anyone out there leveling/leveled arcane? Share your thoughts, I want to know.

Here are my ideas:

Arcane seems to me like it would need to rely very heavily on frostbolt for quite a few levels. Torment the Weak is extremely powerful, providing a huge damage boost as long as the target is snared or slowed. (more…)

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There are three types of talents. Talents that buff only you and your performance, talents that buff only somebody else and their performance, and talents that do both.

Take Improved Fireball. This talent only improves your own performance, having zero effect on anyone else.

Improved Scorch, on the other hand, provides a very powerful buff to everyone else. The mage does benefit from the debuff, too, but there isn’t anything about the talent that is pure selfishness. In fact, it actually lowers the mage’s DPS to keep the debuff up.

Focus Magic is something in the middle. The buffee gets a 3% crit boost, and so does the buffer.

There have been and still are many buffs that are selfless in nature, but most of them have quietly evolved to have a selfish portion to them anyways.

Improved Mark of the Wild, for instance. The talent used to increase the strength of Mark of the Wild. While this did provide a little bit of a buff for the druid, the talent’s main purpose was to buff everyone else. Now, in addition to boosting the effect of MotW, it will also give the druid a permanent 1/2% boost to all of their stats. (more…)

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Arcraiding, Take Fourty Three

Alright, SO. Things have changed for raiding arcane mages again. Again.

Short version:

  • Ditch Glyph of Arcane Power, grab Glyph of Arcane Missiles
  • Arcane Missiles is your go to spell, not Arcane Barrage
  • Arcane Stability is even more important now
  • Mage Armor (and it’s corresponding glyph) is better than ever

Got all that? Good, moving on to the massive walls of text.

Right now, Arcane Barrage is a wee bit nerfed. The coefficient of the spell was adjusted in a downward direction, and nothing else about the spell was buffed to compensate. Nerf.

However, Arcane Missiles recieved a buff. There is now a new Glyph of Arcane Missiles that buffs up the critical strike damage bonus of AM by 25%.

I currently do not know if this extra crit damage is additive or multiplicative. In either case, this glyph is a fairly hefty boost to AM damage. So much so, that with ABarr being nerfed, AM actually replaces ABarr in the arcane rotation. (more…)

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*brushes rubble off shoulder*

Everyone *kaff kaff* still here?

Bernardo’s been injured! Need 60 CCs of mana over here stat!

Damnit, no pulse! C’mon… c’mon… don’t die on me now…

Jumper cables! We need jumper cables! Engineer! I need an engineer!

What? Bernardo is the engineer?

Oh… oh no…

So. Arcane. Where do we stand?

Long story short, nerfed. (more…)

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I’m Like a Prophet or Something

Can I call it, or what?

So yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, the nerf bat has swung and arcane was smacked upside the head.

First, as I foretold, the ability to clip Arcane Missiles to sneak in an ABarr (so both benefit from the stacked ABlast buff) has been removed.

Arcane Missiles consumes the charges immediately, rather than at the end of the spell.

Alas, Arcane Shatter. I barely knew thee.

This means, of course, that if an arcane mage gets struck by something while they’re channeling AM, and they don’t have Arcane Stability, they just lost the whole stack for basically nothing. ‘Course, you’ll still lose the whole stack if you get countered or silenced, but that can’t really be prevented.

Losing damage to random AoE crap is, however. Arcane Stability is worth the points. And if there’s a Holy Paladin sporting Concentration Aura that you can count on (even better if they’re specced for it), you can afford to go with four or even three points into Arcane Stability. (more…)

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Nuke Them From Orbit!

It’s the only way to be sure.

I had a dream where I was a Discipline priest, healing my arse off in battlegrounds. Bubbles, Flash Heal, and Penance were hurled about like free candy.

There were even incredibly specific moments, like Mass Dispelling a mage out of Ice Block and keeping a warrior dispelled so he could kill it.

Hell, there was even the damn “Horde wins!” at the end, showing me as #2 on the healing meters. A Shaman beat me. Nerf imaginary Chain Heal.

Queued up again, and OH MAN the same warrior was there. I attached myself to him like some sort of cloth wearing leech. Big ol’ Tauren warrior named “Beefy McLargeHuge.” Apparently you can name yourself whatever you want in imaginary WoW.

Halfway through, my priest was literally just sitting in the guy’s head.

I’ve never played a Discipline priest, or a priest in PvP. What the hell, brain? (more…)

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