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I specced the paladin prot, gave that a try. It’s very… different from the traditional holy. Understatement of the year. 19/52/0 is the spec I went with, head to toe in holy pvp gear.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

The loss of Holy Shock isn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be. There have been very few situations where an arena game was lost due to a lack of an instant cast heal, and honestly we probably would have lost every one of those situations anyway.

Holy Shock was, honestly, a crutch. I don’t really need it, not even against dual DPS teams.

The extra utility a deep prot spec has is glorious. Avenger’s Shield ain’t no repentance, but a powerful snare/silence followed with HoJ every 30 seconds is extremely potent. We’ve even beaten druid teams! And, of course, the extra survivability is great. Something like 9% complete damage reduction, and 15% spell damage reduction.

Not that I can tell. Chaos Bolt + Conflagrate still hurts like hell, especially when both crit. Ow.

The trend of learning things the very hard way continues, and honestly it’s pretty fun. Paladins have a crap ton of utility, a huge array of Hands and weird little things that are extremely useful in arenas. Presumably. (more…)

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I considered doing one of those “I’m leaving WoW now, see ya!” type posts as a joke for April Fool’s day, but in light of recent events that probably wouldn’t be received too well. Even if I went all out and cited the lack of in-game bacon as the primary reason for me quitting.

It would be tasteless and a mockery of my readers. I could honestly give a damn about the former; I’ve never exactly been politically correct or tasteful in my jokes.I mean, hell, I used a German terrorist organization as a throw-away pun.

It’s that latter one that concerns me.

It would be outright cruel to everyone to put up a post like that, no matter the circumstances. So I compromised.

All of you who read the title, I’m sorry for the little freak-out you just had (that last sentence was basically a lie).

No really, I’m sorry (no I’m not).

Seriously brain, shut up (no).

Bah, only BRK can argue with Brain like BRK can. My brain isn’t funny at all, just a huge douchebag.

Yeah, I’m going to deeply miss BRK. He’s passed on the torch, but none of us have big enough shoes and now the forest is on fire.

Or something along those lines. I’m not particularly good at metaphorical language. (more…)

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And thus is why the horde are experiencing at least half hour queues for Alterac Valley.

This isn’t uncommon on Stormstrike. I haven’t lost an AV since dinging 80.

I was even in one AV where we fought an alliance premade from Black Dragonflight (BDF is a PvP server, and a very respected one at that. Or was. The quality of players from there has fallen somewhat recently).

They’re plan was cunning. Rush to Drek’Thar, ignore everything else. Cap no towers, no graveyards. They had several raid geared tanks and healers to handle everything at once. This plan had, presumably, been executed with fruition before, as there were a few Horde players present who were savvy to their plan.

The Horde’s response to 40 alliance charging as a premade? (more…)

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It may be a little tough to see, but this is, in essence, what happens when Horde utterly dominates a battleground.

For those of you who do not have teeny weeny vision, that’s 672 bonus honor for Horde, and yours truly coming out the other end with 113 honorable kills.

I seem to have completed one secondary objective, whatever that means.

Allow me to explain what happened here, and the Alliance of Stormstrike’s newest hobby.

Alliance have been showing an alarming tendency to create premades for AV recently. It’s gone through a weird spike this weekend, with staggering numbers of alliance all showing up from the same server and working, roughly as units. (more…)

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AV Isn’t Dead Yet!

So last night, I hopped into AV, expecting a standard mindless zerg.

There is, after all, that trinket that costs 40k honour that everyone is trying to get.

I join in a couple minutes late, cursing as I ran out the door… trapped in front of an alliance zerg. Great. Just great.

Check the map… about 10 on defence duty. Not much, but more sizeable than most.

Bahwoo bahwooooo! There goes Iceblood… and Tower Point…

Le sigh. Try to slip past the alliance zerging through Iceblood. I die. Le cry.

Rez at… Iceblood? Really? What happened to the zerg?

Well, wouldja look at that. We recapped Iceblood Tower… and Tower Point! And Snowfall? And now there’s 30 Horde eager to kill everything between them and Vanndar between out pitiful little defence and a bunch of angry Alliance.

See, most alliance right now accept the zerg pattern of AV as fact, and see no alternative to playing it that way. (more…)

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Thursday Rambling

Bugsack is broken! Well, ok, it still works, except that it slows WoW down to three frames per second. Precisely three. No more, no less.

Went back to AV the other day. Maybe it was the break, but AV is a very different battleground than what it used to be, and nobody has a clue how to play it any more.

Met some fun people, on both sides of the zerg. Met a PvP paladin that was a GOD of not dying no matter what the hell you do. He was humping pillars so hard the poor things were in tears. Improved Concentration Aura running the whole time… counterspell did crap all. Ridiculous amount of stamina, spell haste, and resilience, I swear frostbolt was critting somewhere like 1800 or something. I got… like, one full rank frostbolt. He was cleansing on the precise millisecond when he was hit with any magical effect. Flash of Light was somewhere around 1.1 seconds. Just ridiculous.

I couldn’t kill the guy, I ended up having to out think him. He was guarding west frostwolf tower, you see, and through some snazzy combination of switching between mouse and keyboard turning every second, managed to get him to accidentally fall off the tower.

I IS SO CLEVAR. (more…)

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Turns out that moving the Horde starting place and nerfing Vanndar and Balinda was all it took to get the alliance back into Alterac Valley. I am happy to report that the queue times in Stormstrike have dropped from an hour and a half to a minute and a half. What the hell changed?

Looking at it from a tactics standpoint, towers are more important now then they were before, due to the stacking buffs they provide to the “boss” NPCs. Therefore, it is in each sides best interests to keep their own towers intact, and their enemies a pile of rubble. And of course, neither side bothers to do this anymore in AV…

Stormstrike has reverted back to the way it used to be, in regards to AV. Both sides simply zerg the others commander, and most games rarely last more than ten minutes. It’s sad, really. I liked the way AV played in 2.3… plenty of PvP, strategical fighting that felt truly like a war. Now it feels like I’m running an alt through Shadowfang Keep or something. (more…)

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