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Technically speaking, all blogs are a form of social networking. I type stuff, you read the stuff I type, sometimes you type me back and I read that too, which prompts me to type more stuff, and so forth.

It is a delayed conversation, akin to a forum. There are regulars, friends, a whole community of people that all share something in here. Some of you are here for magery, some of you are simply looking for a way to delay working. Not that I’m criticizing or anything, I used to spend entire shifts playing bubble bobble and tetris.

Point is, I sort of take the role of head administrator. If this was a church, I’d be the head priest, giving sermons, preaching to my flock of eager destruction enthusiasts, and I’d have office hours open for one on one time.

Note: next time a prospective employer asks what your hobbies are, tell them you’re a “destruction enthusiast”. Guaranteed success!

You, the reader, would come in for the daily sermon, nod to those you recognize in the congregation, listen to my speech, then retire to the main atrium for strudel and discuss the day’s lessons, perhaps pointing out flaws, adding your own ideas, and so forth.

But what happens when that group of people gets too big? Going from an audience of hundreds to thousands doesn’t have too much of an impact, but what happens when that number starts reaching into the area of tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? (more…)

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There’s been a rather interesting issue I’ve had to fight with since… oh, since the Blood Wing went live in ICC.

See, this is what happens. Sometime between 6pm and 8pm, my latency will climb from where it usually sits (anywhere from 110-200ms, thank you ISP upgrades) to anywhere from 700ms to 17000ms. It will come back down to regular levels sometime between 11pm and midnight.

This is somewhat inconvenient, as this just so happens to be during peak times, when BG queues are at their fastest, and also when For Whom happens to raid.

Needless to say it is difficult to raid when you are rocking 5kms on boss fights.

Now, the interesting part comes in the details.

First, it is not simply bad lag. I am also disconnected very frequently in direct proportion to what is going on. Running around leveling a character in, say, the Arathi Highlands, I never get disconnected, whereas Wintergrasp features a disconnect roughly every twenty seconds.

Second, it isn’t my end of things either. I have a huge amount of evidence to support this. (more…)

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Guildies And/Or Friends

Inspiration comes from two places, I Sheep Things… and Righteous Orbs.

A guild is many things. A tag over your head you can be proud of. A collection of excellent players you love to play the game with. A guild bank a bunch of hardcore raiders congregate about. A vent server filled with discussion, abuse, commands shouted at a finely tuned war team, friendly discussion.

A guild can be as varied as the people that make it up, because ultimately, a guild is people. A guild is not a collection of data in pixels in a virtual world, it is something far more than that.

A song is more than just a series of noises at differing wavelengths. A book is more than a collection of really thin tree slices with ink scattered upon it.

The structure of guild, its virtual framework, is just that. A frame. What it is framing is entirely up to the people involved.

Without a picture, a frame is pointless junk. An empty husk, void of meaning.

This is why I have never understood guild loyalty. A guild is nothing without people, it isn’t real in any sense of the word. Why would somebody be loyal to something that can be destroyed instantly by single person typing /gdisband? Would you be loyal to a table? At least it would take effort to destroy a table! (more…)

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In regards to playing the game wrong…

Picture raiding like a jigsaw puzzle. We all have to put it together, the only real differences is in the details. My approach is to study the picture on the outside of the box, know how many pieces there are, and know what every single piece looks like before I even consider putting it together.

I’m feeling significantly better, and have prepared a time line of my illness:

Saturday: start feeling a little ill, thinking I might have a minor cold.

Sunday: feeling really bad, ugh this is horrible.

Monday: went to school, suffered greatly, extremely ill.

Tuesday: did not go to school, stayed at home.

Wednesday: tried to go to school, gave up due to abdominal pain.

Thursday: stayed home, but felt better.

Friday: went to school, felt more better.

Saturday again: went to work, still sick but definitely much better!

Sunday again: still some coughing and stuffy nosery, but now it just feels like a mild cold. No problemo!

So was it swine flu? (more…)

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I’d like to direct you to a post over at Righteous Orbs, though really the only relevant part to my own post is this part:

When I hear the words ‘Flame Leviathan’ I’m thinking kraken meets phoenix, you know? I’m think tentacular wings dripping fire. I’m thinking awe. I’m thinking terror.

I am most assuredly not thinking GOLF CADDY.

If you don’t read Righteous Orbs yet, sucks to be you because NaNaDuraCell or whatever it’s called hates you.

Anyway, point is, Tamarind went into Ulduar-25 without even knowing what Flame Leviathan looked like. Poor Tamarind had no idea what was going on, what to expect, nothing.

Changing gears a little bit, I was chatting with me DK friend, and was all “didja see the green dragon fight?!” and he was all “Nah, man, I never look at that stuff” and I was all “What? Why not?” and he was all “I prefer the new fights to be a surprise, you know?” and I was all “. . . ?”

See, to me, going into an instance without knowing what to expect is equivalent to going into an instance with unkempt gear or terribad talents. Knowing your own class, having the right gear and talents, and knowing everything you can about the next boss fight are all one and the same to me. (more…)

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Passive Aggressive

BBB asks “what… behaviour… pisses you off the most?”

I thought, at first, my answer might be something like “the guy that doesn’t even try to learn their class” or “the dude who chronically forgets to repair”.

But what I truly hate, what I truly despise, what truly revolts me, is passive-aggressive behaviour.

It’s similar to saying “uh” or “uhm” or chronically throwing the word “like” into places where the word most certainly doesn’t belong. I didn’t used to mind; hell, three years ago words like “uh” were an important part of my vocabulary.

But now? I hate it. I hate it so much. I try very, very hard to avoid ever using a word which functions as little more than a filler to allow my brain to catch up with my mouth. So far, I have managed to excise “uhm” completely from my speech, though the odd “uh” slips through sometimes.

The word “like” in the “like, totally” definition has been the hardest to get rid of. It’s a quick, easy replacement for words such as “as in”, “for example”, or… “such as”. I still say it in that context every now and then, and oh how do I loathe that word. I physically injure myself every time I say it.

Likewise, I didn’t have a problem with passive aggressive behaviours and ways of dealing with people three or four years ago. But now? Nothing can get me into a spittle inducing rage faster. (more…)

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Secondary Education

I, the master of the arcane arts and QQ of all forms, am now officially attending a post secondary institution, in order to bleed off that extra twenty grand I got kicking around under my bed (I am lying).

I, a young, handsome, humble, cynical, anti-social bastard am entering the adult world wide eyed and filled with disbelief that the real world is so goddamn retarded. Oh, do I have rants, so very many rants. Think of the worst, most idiotic PuG you’ve ever been in. That PuG is the pinnacle of intelligent efficiency compared to the real world. It’s like people immediately lose 40 IQ points the second they walk out their front door.

See, so far, in my wisdom, I have learned one universal truth: absolutely everyone is stupid. Your neighbor is stupid. Your father is stupid. Every friend you have ever had is stupid. You are stupid. I am stupid. There exists not one human who is not stupid.

But I’m not here to inflict yet another jaded rant, I’m here to say “sorry guys, but university is kinda important”.

The quick and dirty: I’m going for a history major, as it’s the only subject area left in academia that I don’t suck at or am bored by.

History? NOT BORING?! History is awesome dudes! (more…)

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As with all things psychologists blame on childhood, my generally anti-social tendencies started when I was extremely young.

When I was born, I was born unnaturally pale. The medical staff freaked, and immediately rushed me into one of those isolation incubator things that hospitals have to try and keep babies from dying. I was kept there for a full 48 hours before finally seeing my mother.

As it turns out, there was nothing wrong with me, I was just pale. That’s all.

Of course, the damage was already done. Having been totally isolated from other human beings for two days straight, it was extremely difficult for anyone to get any sort of emotional response out of me.

In fact, I didn’t even smile until I was about nine months old.

By comparison, my sister, who wasn’t even… erm… cleaned off before the doc tossed her up for my mother to hold. My sister followed mom everywhere, and would burst into hysterical tears if she lost visual contact.

Me? I couldn’t care less. (more…)

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The following are some oddball things about me. The real me, the real life me. By now, I’ve rather solidly established that I’m pretty damn crazy, and if you listen to the Twisted Nether Blogcast, you can even listen to me be strange! It’s win win!

Or lose lose, depending on your viewpoint.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse into my inner workings.

I really, really hate winter. It’s a combination of a trust issue and emotional scarring from when I was a youngster.

As a young lad, it was my assumption that piles of snow, whether created artificially or naturally, were created for the sole purpose of being walked into. Many winters as a child were spent stomping through snow drifts.

Sometimes I imagined myself as some sort of gigantic lizard like monster, destroying various buildings while “The Army Guys” tried in vain to stop me.

Believe it or not, I hadn’t even heard of Godzilla yet. (more…)

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Can I Tell You a Secret?

Of course I can. This is the internet. How much more private can you get?


Yes, anyways.

There’s a little thing that crops up every now and then. An affliction, if you will, that attacks the basic drive to do something.

I’m talking about burnout.

Le gasp! I know!

When Wrath was released, I joined the massive grind to 80. Roaring into Howling Fjord, I banged out quests as fast as I could while trying to keep the whole experience authentic.

Headphones on, graphics up, music cranked, ALL quest text read. No exceptions. (more…)

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