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Holy $%*# Paladins

A few nerfs to holy paladins were announced last night, though I suspect most of them won’t make it through. The LOH one, for instance, has already been removed.

I play a paladin, but I’m not going to talk (much) about the repurcussions to paladins. Rather, I’m going to talk about what such a change has revealed about players in PvP.

My sample size, so far, is limited to the vocal, posting members of the official forums, MMO Champion, and Arena Junkies (AJ).

The two nerfs “everyone” (used in the loosest sense) is talking about are as follows:

  • Sacred Shield can now only occur every 30 sec. (up from 6. The holy talent, Infusion of Light, will reduce the frequency back down to 6 sec.)
  • Lay on Hands can no longer be cast on yourself.

The LOH nerf has already been reverted, the SS nerf is just being thought about. Something is going to happen to SS that doesn’t impact deep holy paladins, but does impact everyone else.

Both of these changes have almost universally been met with loud cheering. Everything from “thank god, finally” to “suck it, paladins” to “finally nerfs to the most unfair class in the game”. (more…)


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This was written a while ago as a reply to a reader style question that was featured at wow.com. The question itself was along the lines of “WoW is far too complicated. Imagine my shock at discovering that rogues have three separate hitcaps!” That would be for specials (yellow damage), poisons, and auto attacks (white damage), for those not in the know.

It’s a little harsher than most of my other posts, which is partly why it never got posted in the first place.

This orphan post goes live today, as I figured it would be… interesting, in light of changes that were announced at Blizzcon.

Armor Penetration is too “mathy”.

Jesus Christ in a handbasket.


Now here’s a complaint you don’t see very often.

WoW is too complicated!

I know, right? Ridiculous.

Blizzard has always been in the habit of not telling us players how things work. Stuff like spell hit, crit, things like haste, stats like that were never given an explanation. They were just there, and it was up to the players to figure out what they did. Its always been that way. (more…)

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It took less than a month to get the gear together to legitimately try a FB/TtW build. (Yes, I still refuse to capitalize that middle t.)

I’ve got 4pT8 now, and am only 1% shy of the hit cap, though it doesn’t seem to matter. A thousand casts of Scorch on a test dummy and no misses. I’ll be trying the farm content this way, see what happens.

I had heard a FB spec was random in it’s DPS, but man… there is nothing that can prepare you for DPS swings that huge. I’ll be poking along at 3k DPS, when lady luck smiles on me and suddenly I’ve dealt 100k damage in ten seconds.

Lemme put it this way. Spamming scorch and using HS procs as they come can grant me DPS anywhere from 2k to 3.5k.

It’s like that one D&D game where I one shot a dragon, then killed a party member accidentally, cut off my own foot, and impaled myself all in the same round. Admittedly the dragon one shot was a coup dentist (or whatever that french word is), but still, it ain’t easy beating 65AC as a level 6 monk.

D&D nights that cause the DM to weep aside, all this respeccing has instilled in me a deep sense of anger that my beloved arcane tree is being so rigorously ignored. (more…)

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On Elitism and Free T8

As you may have heard, Emblems of Heroism and Valor have been phased out in favor of Emblems of Conquest. Everything that used to drop Heroism/Valor badges now drop the latter.

In short, yes, this means that as of 3.2, you can get T8.5 gear by running plenty of Heroics.

Naturally, the elitist are up in arms and furious QQ, the casuals are pleased they can gear up new 80 alts faster, and the intelligent realize that this, in essence, changes nothing.

There’s an attitude I’d like to talk about.

“I’m special.”

Let’s start with the basics. Nearly everyone suffers from this at one point or another, and in a single word, this is called “elitism”.

Some of us suffer from it a lot, some of us just have small, easily squashed inklings of elitism.

Pike over at Aspect of the Hare had a blog post up a while ago that exemplifies what I mean. (more…)

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One Spells

Avast ye, there be sailor language ahead!

Neither shamans nor druids are intentionally designed to use one spell as an absolutely primary spell. My beta-era comment about CH was that we didn’t want to give it a cooldown or the like as Circle of Healing had. Don’t over-interpret “core” or “iconic” as “absolutely primary spell.” That’s overstating it. Having a spell you use 90% or more of the time is really lame

This is really excellent to hear. Frankly, spamming a single spell over and over again has never really been fun. It’s why I didn’t reroll a Destruction warlock back in BC… pressing one button over and over again seemed hella boring.

Yes, I am aware of the irony, considering I played a one-button fire mage instead. Ahh, but I have thee there! Fire mages had to rotate Scorch in, as well.

That’s… what, a second spell every 29 seconds?

These days all you young fellers have got all this fancy, flashy Living Bomb and Hot Streak stuff. We got to push a second button every 29 seconds, and we were damn grateful! Yessirree bob, and we had to slog uphill through naga and blood elves the whole way!

Honestly, the trash was waaaay more interesting than the vast majority of the boss fights. (more…)

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Swimming Upstream

Rational thinking would have us believe that “casuals” are ruining gaming. Companies like Nintendo and Popcap appeal to the lowest common denominator, spend next to nothing making these games, and make gigantic wads of cash from them.

Thus, making these smaller casual games is more profitable, and so more and more companies make them, abandoning the “better”, more “hardcore” games.

At least, that’s the impression so many have. It’s difficult to even count the number of times “casual games are killing the industry” has been thrown around.

It’s difficult to even fathom how horrifically wrong this idea is, either.

“Casual” games have been on the rise for many years. Some treat it as a passing fad, others herald it as the apocalypse… both are wrong.

Casual games did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Their creation was carefully engineered to produce large quantities of profit for the companies that created them. (more…)

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Suspension of Disbelief

In an effort to practice reviewing stuff before reviewing “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King”, I review other stuff to practice my trolling critiquing.


Many, many people like to throw words around like “illogical” and “preposterous” when discussing movies. It’s used as a sort of catch-all phrase for “stupid”.

Essentially, saying something is illogical conveys two meanings. Either the movie was inept and failed to follow it’s own internal logic, or whatever happened in the movie could not possibly happen in the real world.

The latter meaning is utterly ridiculous. This is fiction. Expecting it to play by the rules of the real world is… dare I say it… preposterous and illogical.

There’s a little something called the willing suspension of disbelief. It’s us, the audience, willing to put up with and enjoy things that probably aren’t entirely realistic.

Sure, maybe in real life a man wouldn’t fare so well if he jumped out of a car going 80mph, but when Bruce Willis does it’s perfectly reasonable.

What we, the audience, have an issue with is when things fail to be internally consistent. (more…)

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