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Theme for a Strange World

I would have called this something like “initial patch 3.3 impressions” or something, but then this post would have looked like:



OHMAN THAT INSTANCE what was thaaat holy crap holy crap the lich king MARROWGAR HITSA SOA HARDA amfkmgoagoajk.

So perhaps initial structured discourse would be the best way to describe it.

Off we go!

Patch night is always brutal. So many addons… so broken… there were bloody bits of .lua all over the walls! Poor OhNoesQueues… he shouldn’t have come! We should have known this was going to happen!

(OhNoesQueues is updated and presumably working now, so everyone can take a deep breath and run to the nearest wall and relax.)

Surprisingly, we actually did get to raid tonight, though there was a brief hiccup when myself and the main tank ended up locked behind “a character with that name already exists” when the world server went kaput.

Icecrown Citadel is delightfully difficult. By that I mean, the trash will kick your ass if you don’t pay attention, and the bosses are not one shottable. At least not by us, and it was pretty obvious nobody had really “seen” the fights before. The fights, so far, also do not feel impossible. It just takes a few wipes for everyone to get the hang of things, then down goes the boss.

As an aside, when I say I learn as much as possible about a boss before I actually attempt it, that does not include actually running the content on the PTR. I do not, and have never, run any group content on PTRs, whether it be raids or 5-man instances. I’ll watch videos of other people doing that, read up on the tentative strats people are putting together, but I never actually do the content until it’s live. (more…)


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Hot DAMN what an awesome fight. Nothing in ToC compares to this. Nothing.

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Ugh. Midterms.

I missed a bunch of school thanks to swine flu, and am still trying to play catch up. Caught up in 3/5 courses at the moment, though I still have a massive essay due this friday, and frankly it needs work. Lots of it.

Life is hard doodz!

This was brought to my attention today, and while an interesting read in and of itself, something I ended up thinking a lot about was the following sentence:

all the characters did exactly what I had hoped they would do

Writing fiction is a strange experience. Characters, stories, are invented and thought up, and then writing begins. Maybe the author had an idea for this, had the plot envisioned, knew where s/he wanted the story to go…

And then halfway through, the actual story doesn’t look anything like the little fiction embryo the author thought up in the first place. Sometimes, the characters do what you hope they would, and sometimes, they don’t.

Ultimately, writing fiction is an organic experience, largely because you, the author, are giving this little world, these characters, life. And they take that life and run with it, and eventually, you stop, breathless, wondering how the hell that just happened. (more…)

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25-man VoA forming up. I was on my paladin at the time, so I figure what the hey. Ret DPS isn’t exactly difficult (read: easy as crap) and I could use the Relentless gear, it would save me some honor farming. So I join in, do literally all of the summons myself (thanks guys), though thankfully I did at least have a dedicated clicker.

Gah, big advantage to 10 man raiding right there. Summoning is so easy when you have to deal with 8 people at absolute maximum.

Anyway, so in we go. Trash drops like nothing. We get to Koralon.

Our two tanks are Rhyokin (a well geared orc warrior with the title Gladiator) and Iliad (tauren DK, also well geared and also a Gladiator). Now, I respected both of these guys a great deal. They raid hard, they PvP hard, they seemed like pretty cool guys, overall. It’s also worth taking note of Nhiosis, a fantastic warlock with 85k lifetime kills.

If you bothered to armory them, you’ll notice they are all from the same guild. (more…)

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All of us have been in that nightmarish PuG filled with paladin tanks that don’t consecrate, druids that don’t use HoTs, and DK DPS who can’t stop using death grip.

All of us have been in that PuG from heaven with the ret pally who flawlessly swaps to a spellpower weapon and starts healing when the priest bites it, the prot warrior who for all intents and purposes might as well be omniscient, or the shaman healer who somehow keeps the whole group alive when the tank pulls a boss and two packs of trash simultaneously, and makes it look effortless.

All of us have been in that PuG with the competent hunter, the competent mage, the competent rogue… they weren’t really special, weren’t really all that great, but they weren’t bad. So average you forget them immediately, maybe even forgetting what class they are.

The fact is, behind every single one of those characters, behind the worst mage you’ve ever seen, behind the best druid you’ve ever had the pleasure of running with, is a human being.

Now there are a couple interesting things about human beings. (more…)

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There’s a lot of hate going around this weekend, so I figured I’d join in. Who doesn’t want to start off their work week by shaking their heads and saying “boy oh boy, knowing I’m better than someone else makes me feel so good!”

This is a story that actually happened quite a while ago, mostly because I wanted to see if the hunter in question ever decided to become non-stupid. Happily, the answer is no, as Mr. Trollson is still proudly sporting strength gear and a tanking cloak.

But Rip! I can hear the complaints already. What if he just doesn’t know what he’s doing?!

First off, bullshit, he’s been aware of the existence of blogs like BigRedKitty, Hunter’s Mark and Aspect of the Hare since that Naxx run four months ago.

Second off…

Well, settle in, kodo excrement is about to cease being imaginary in status. (more…)

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Oh Noez! Ma Living Bombz!

3.2 brought with it two changes to Living Bomb. The first was that it was usable on any number of targets, rather than just one. This change has single-handedly cost me my life at least three times on Hodir’s trash. WORMS!!

The second change was that the crits on the DoT section of Living Bomb would count towards Hot Streak (and naturally, if it didn’t crit, count against it).

As you all no doubt know by now, this last part was hotfixed out of the game so fast basically nobody on live had a chance to do anything with it.

And, of course, the rivers of QQ did pour forth, and behold, for the official forums were awash in the tears of magi world round.

Naturally, every nerf to the mage class (even ones that Blizzard explicitly stated, over and over again, probably wouldn’t go live) brings oceans of QQ. That’s just how the mage class works. We’re like clingy, fragile lovers, apt to break down into tears at the slightest… uhm… slight.

So fine. What are a few more tears, right? Get out your flotation devices, children! Things are about to get wet.

The nerf to Living Bomb (there can be no other word for it, as that’s exactly what it is) is confusing to many. Confounding, even. (more…)

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