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Feels Good to Lose

I’ve railed against RNG before, and it remains my hugest complaint about WoW.

RNG is a necessary component of an RPG, or so I’m told by my past self and others. Which I can definitely see, I mean Hot Streak would be less fun it was simply a button you pushed every six seconds, and I think we’ll always fondly remember the T8 machine gun*.

I get all grumpy when RNG crosses the line from fun, mix-it-up mechanic to game breaking, why the bleeding hell did that just happen territory.

Killing Pokemon the Fire Watcher (or whatever his name is), and he drops warlock pants when warlock is the only class not present in the raid is frustrating. Getting feared and watching as the fear path takes you around a pillar then directly into a wall, ending only once you are out of LOS and fifty yards away from your partner is the pinnacle of frustration.

How many people, honestly, really liked random mace stun procs? How many people saw some poor priest get randomly stunned, and exclaimed “OH MAN LOOK AT THAT SKILL!” or “Well played!”

Me, March 23, 2009.

My opinion has not changed. Game breaking RNG is not healthy. A weapon like the ROFLHERALD adds nothing but arbitrary stupid to PvP. (If science can be a verb, then stupid can be a noun.) (more…)

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