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When the Clouds Appeared

No post yesterday, due to history mid-term today. Apparently, no matter how much you read, how much you cross-correlate to other books, there will always, always be something you missed.

Such a thing as complete knowledge does not exist. Which makes it all the more embarrasing when you spent a day studying something and then it doesn’t even come up on the exam.

This is the best major ever. Screw math, I wanna learn about german economics in the 19th century!

Needless to say, there were a few questions that I just did not know the answer to. You know how sometimes you see a question, but you can make an educated guess or take a stab at it, and usually get close? Yeah. Not even that.

So Rasputin was a famous french romantic painter obsessed with shipwrecks, labour unions are called “le labour unions” in France, and a potato was the cause of the russian revolution in the 19th century.

At least there wasn’t a question on chartism or entarchy. Gaaaah.

Some interesting thoughts sparked by the last post. (more…)

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