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I’m a fan of the Infinite Dragonflight, largely because, as far as villains go, they are rather interesting, even having goals that could be misconstrued as noble.

Lessee, they’ve tried to stop Thrall, thus preventing the creation of the new Horde, they’ve tried to stop the horde initially invading azeroth and causing the deaths of thousands, and they’ve attempted to stop Arthas from becoming the Lich King.

Stopping Thrall before he has a chance to resurrect the Horde probably seems like a really awesome idea to Wrynn right about now. No Thrall, no orgrimmar, no tauren to worry about, no trolls, Sylvanus would have easily been defeated, and everyone would have continued not caring about blood elves.

No strife in today’s world… of warcraft, no endless, pointless bickering.

Even stopping the initial horde invasion can be an act of good. If the demon-possessed orcs never invaded azeroth in the first place, the massive amount of bloodshed that defined the first and second wars simply wouldn’t have happened. And without Ner’Zhul, we wouldn’t even be in this current mess with the Lich King.

But, without the Horde, specifically the Horde under Thrall’s leadership, Azeroth would not have been strong enough to resist the Burning Legion. Had there not been the horde invasion, had Thrall not escaped, the Burning Legion would have destroyed Azeroth and everything on it. (more…)

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