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Shadow of the Colossus

Fame. Success. Popularity. Expectations, perceived or actual.

BigRedKitty was an immensely popular blog, with almost an entire community springing up around his fervor. Then, with an unrivaled abruptness, he was gone. Poof. Tens of thousands of hits a day, if not hundreds, and that’s the end of it.

So who steps up to take over management when BRK left? Who steps forward, eyes shoes the size of moons, and says “Bah, I can do that.”

Well, nobody can, of course. But sometimes people try anyway, and sometimes there’s an expectation that the new guy(s) will be able to fill in exactly the same.

A fantastic manager retires, everyone loved him and his system. Big shoes to fill. Is the new guy going to be able to firmly take over that legacy?

The main tank of your guild decides to quit after raiding with you for three years. Someone else steps up. Is the new guy expected to be the same?

So and so always did it this way. Whatserface always pulled that way. Damn, I wish Name hadn’t quit.

There are those who went to Aspect of the Hare as the replacement for BRK. After all, she does a blog revolving around BM hunters, she absolutely loves huntering, it’s the only logical choice, isn’t it?

It’s a sad situation, more than anything. I’m sure nobody intended to try and force Pike into replacing BRK, she never tried to do so or even intended to replace the big RK.

But the pressure was there. Intended or not, real or not, it was there. (more…)

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