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A Quick Note on Casualism

I suppose everyone’s definition of what consists of a hardcore player and a casual player differs greatly from each other.

Some say “I’m casual” yet they show up to raids on time, repaired, consumables ready to go.

Miss Arioch says the following:

I don’t consider myself hardcore.

I am a casual that takes raiding seriously.

If you have any emotional investment in something, if you take anything about a game seriously, if you care at all about what happens in the game, you don’t get to call yourself casual anymore.

Take Peggle. If you are casual, maybe you’ll boot it up sometimes, shoot the ball around, bask in the glory of the shiny splosions. But as soon as you start thinking about how to get higher scores, as soon as you restart to try and clear the board, as soon as you look at the pegs and say “hmm… how can I best utilize my special power?” you are no longer casual.

A casual is someone who does not take the game seriously. Every single person reading this blog is not a casual, at least by my simplified definition. (more…)

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