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Passive Aggressive

BBB asks “what… behaviour… pisses you off the most?”

I thought, at first, my answer might be something like “the guy that doesn’t even try to learn their class” or “the dude who chronically forgets to repair”.

But what I truly hate, what I truly despise, what truly revolts me, is passive-aggressive behaviour.

It’s similar to saying “uh” or “uhm” or chronically throwing the word “like” into places where the word most certainly doesn’t belong. I didn’t used to mind; hell, three years ago words like “uh” were an important part of my vocabulary.

But now? I hate it. I hate it so much. I try very, very hard to avoid ever using a word which functions as little more than a filler to allow my brain to catch up with my mouth. So far, I have managed to excise “uhm” completely from my speech, though the odd “uh” slips through sometimes.

The word “like” in the “like, totally” definition has been the hardest to get rid of. It’s a quick, easy replacement for words such as “as in”, “for example”, or… “such as”. I still say it in that context every now and then, and oh how do I loathe that word. I physically injure myself every time I say it.

Likewise, I didn’t have a problem with passive aggressive behaviours and ways of dealing with people three or four years ago. But now? Nothing can get me into a spittle inducing rage faster. (more…)

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