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Mortal Strike

As I briefly mentioned last post, mages now have access to a miniature mortal strike, via the talent Permafrost, at a 7/13/20% reduction to healing, afflicting all targets suffering from on of your chill effects.

My initial reaction is as follows:


After that… I thought about it, and then said the following:


The first “why” being in legitimate confusion, the second being more of a philosophical conjecture.

The Mortal Strike debuff itself used to be a warrior only thing. Nearly completely by itself, it made Arms the PvP spec of choice. It gave warriors the ability to provide massive pressure against enemy healers, and as a result warriors became very prevalent in PvP.

With only a little bit of exaggeration, every successful 5v5 arena team had a warrior for one reason and one reason only, and that was the godly mortal strike debuff. (more…)

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