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Generation Zombie

Culture is a wondrous thing. It evolves, spreads, infects, going nowhere and everywhere all at once leaving steaming piles of strange references and weird societal behaviour.

We could talk all day about how urnial etiquette is different from one nation to the next (eye contact, from what I understand, is universally banned), but I’m here mostly to talk about popular culture.

At it’s core, culture is something that is experienced by, if not all, the majority. You’d be very hard pressed to find an avid internet user has not seen a lolcat or been rick rolled in one fashion or another.

In North America, at least, culture is very heavily defined by our entertainment. (I expect this is the same anywhere you go in the world, even places that still rely entirely on oral stories.) Maybe it was radio, or TV, or whatever the latest popular flick was, but as long as two people were not complete shut ins, they always had something in common to talk about.

Star Wars, for instance. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Star Trek, in all it’s forms. The Beatles, Elvis Presley.

They defined the culture of their time, whether they revolutionized it or represented it. (more…)

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