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I considered doing one of those “I’m leaving WoW now, see ya!” type posts as a joke for April Fool’s day, but in light of recent events that probably wouldn’t be received too well. Even if I went all out and cited the lack of in-game bacon as the primary reason for me quitting.

It would be tasteless and a mockery of my readers. I could honestly give a damn about the former; I’ve never exactly been politically correct or tasteful in my jokes.I mean, hell, I used a German terrorist organization as a throw-away pun.

It’s that latter one that concerns me.

It would be outright cruel to everyone to put up a post like that, no matter the circumstances. So I compromised.

All of you who read the title, I’m sorry for the little freak-out you just had (that last sentence was basically a lie).

No really, I’m sorry (no I’m not).

Seriously brain, shut up (no).

Bah, only BRK can argue with Brain like BRK can. My brain isn’t funny at all, just a huge douchebag.

Yeah, I’m going to deeply miss BRK. He’s passed on the torch, but none of us have big enough shoes and now the forest is on fire.

Or something along those lines. I’m not particularly good at metaphorical language. (more…)

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Orders of Business


First, much apologies for the site outage. I’m not sure what happened, I suspect that twitter whatever haberdashery caused some coding issues. A new twitter widget added to wordpress? Then all the wordpress blogs suddenly fail to load? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

It took something like six hours to even post those four words yesterday or whenever it was. It might have been a few days ago, I dunno; I’ve sort of spent the last 15 hours reading the entirety of Least I Could Do. Not exactly wise to start an archive binge when you first find the comic at 3am.

Dude’s been updating nearly every day since 2003. That’s a lot of damn comics. I think my brain hurts, and I now have a massive repertoire of pick-up lines ranging from terrible to hilariously awful to hate crime.

Secondly, has anyone else seen the Filefront closure? Like… seriously, holy crap, guys! There’s over 48 terabytes of downloadable content there! I can’t… I can’t even imagine how much porn that would store. Unless it’s uncompressed avi files. Then we’d get… what, five hours?

This had better beone of the crueler April Fool’s tricks out there, or I am going to be unreasonably sad at the loss of what is, essentially, a glorified digital museum full of priceless junk.

Some would say “free” or “worthless”, but those people are the same morons who always ask Guitar Hero and Rock Band players “Why don’t you play a real instrument?”

I don’t know, candle wax for brains, why don’t you ask that dude over there playing COD4 why he doesn’t go get a real machine gun and kill people? Why don’t you ask that guy playing Command & Conquer to get a real army of tanks and invade the soviet union? (more…)

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